Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Voices From The Backseat

Conversations have always been the heart and core of taxi driving. By far the vast majority expect and indeed enjoy the driver's perspective on his/her job and very other subject beneath the top light and taxi sun.  As for me, it truly depends on my mood how talkative I am or not.  I also must admit it can additionally depend on whether I like the passenger.  Now being a truly democratic person I at least initially attempt to like the person or persons residing in the back seat.  Dogs I have no problem and most other creatures.  I once even had a package of living medicinal maggots who were the most well-behaved passengers.  People unfortunately have opinions that are just annoying.  It could be said that if I were I dog I would be more tolerant especially if the passengers had a nice hom bow to treat me with.  I do attempt to be the best-of-breeds but sometimes a snarl escapes now and again.  Even the best of pooches must howl.  What else can a good taxi canine do?

Sunday the guy just had to tell me about the simultaneous orgasms he and the woman he had met at the bar experienced.  I suppose he felt it was important that I know.

Later on the same Sunday a perfectly nice individual said that he had just gotten a divorce. What he meant was that he just had the initial conversation with his wife.  He was in a kind of pleasant delusion and also mildly drunk. I told him that I would not wish that upon anyone and that it was just the beginning.  He didn't appear to understand.  Unfortunately he is going to soon know all about it.

Now much later into the taxi Sunday evening and with little occurring I park at the corner of Broadway East and Denny, closing my eyes.  Nearly asleep I hear voices questioning whether I am awake and indeed I pop up ready to go.  It is three "VERY" young gay men who proceed to banter about nipping off "peters" and other such nonsense which compels me to swiftly get these folks to Fourth & Virgina because I don't want to hear, I can not bear it and please, thank you into that good night!

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