Monday, May 21, 2012

Always Blame The Customer & Union Rumblings Update

I just reviewed my union/alliance rough draft and was at least impressed with the coherency if not total content.  In the short time taken, because four total hours is nothing when applied to writing, I believe I got the essential points across.  Individual empowerment and the stopping of wrongs of all types coming from a wide variety sources would be, should be, and is the purpose of all labor and human organization.  Why did people like Lenin and Stalin and Mao and Castro fail?  One, because they embraced violence and two, somehow got the erroneous idea that they were more important than the revolutionary concepts they promoted and espoused.  Always the group is of greater importance than the individual.  It is silly for the compass to take credit for magnetic poles.  More than laughable, it is plainly dumb.  Mao's contribution in his old age was the spreading of syphilis to unsuspecting young women.  So much for political evolutionary ideals.  Always too easy to fail but extremely difficult to succeed.  A year to build the house but only an hour to burn it down to its foundation.  Such is the truth of earthy endeavor, and confusion.

And quickly, on my conversation at Guru Motors, it was oft repeated the positive virtues of labor organization and the Teamsters new efforts toward the industry.  I kept saying that organization was fine but why was it necessary to bring in strangers.  Why kiss the blind date?  I don't understand it when there are alternatives.  I guess that is why I am batting my eyes.  How much more encouragement do you need?

One Passenger, Two Hotels

Getting a time call at the University Inn I instead discovered the guy was waiting at the University Travel Lodge, only about a mile and a half distant.  Mentioning it to a taxi buddy at the lot today he suggested that the passenger got it wrong.  Of course all our customers are __________but this gentleman was clearly coherent and fully understood which hotel he was staying at.  What I have found in this industry is that everyone is blaming everyone else.  Why not?  It's traditional!

The Teamsters Are Coming (and remember, draft horses are our friends!)

I had a longish conversation on the telephone with Leonard Smith, major honcho at Teamsters Union 117.  He is completely convinced of the veracity of his mission.  I will be attending the big organizing meeting in Tukwila on May 24th.  In case you care, I will take geraniums upon my grave.  My fondness dates from 1960 and Fallbrook, California.  The scent has stayed with me.

I was amazed to be told that there are 3 full-time union organizers working on the taxi effort.  Took my breath away.  I am still processing it all.

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