Friday, May 11, 2012

Repairs to a Fatigued Mind

I am writing this at nearly 12:30 PM early afternoon on May 11, 2012.  I am being this specific because I believe I have finally corrected all the errors in my previous posting of yesterday.  There was a time when I could or would write error free, similar to my literary mentor JB Priestley who daily wrote for ten uninterrupted hours minus any changes required.  Anyway those days for me are long past and feel quite doubtful if they can be revived.  Is a part of me dead or just dormant?  Or has taxi permanently injured me beyond any sufficient repair?  Maybe I too will just continue to limp along, singing a sad tune and forgetting lost youth.  Oh how poetic taxi isn't!

Perhaps more importantly will the taxi I love and hate take heed and consider my words carefully. All evidence says otherwise but one must attempt and I did, ever so briefly yet in some length describe sore and festering issues. I do understand taxi which is both blessing and a curse, dualities that never meet though dwelling in the same house, same heart and similar brain.  May commonsense prevail and insipience end. There is little more to say but I am sure I will sooner than I wish or desire or want.  Insipience by the way means lack of wisdom.  May we please have some applied to all things taxi.  Call that both a prayer and a request, and ending with a rhyme, hoping for the best.

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