Thursday, May 24, 2012

Accuracy & Reading Fiction

Unfortunately time is a factor so briefly ever so briefly I can tell you that today's Teamsters meeting was a candidate forum where a handful of drivers spoke and about 10-12 candidates and elected officials listened. I got there late due to my Vien Dong meeting which went well considering again there was not enough time.  I did meet Kathy who is the owner of 3 taxis in Lacey, Washington.  L&I has audited her for about $234,000 dollars. Seems like fantasy to me.  Her entire company averages maybe 45 fares total in a given day. 

Anyway, I arrived late and couldn't sign up to speak.  It was clear that the drivers were not up to date on the good work and results of the commission.  We will have to do a much better job of communicating. There was much pleading and requesting for assistance.  It was kind of wonderful how the panel, knowing nearly zero about the taxi industry (other than Bobby Vick, from the greater SE Indian community) took in much that was mostly inaccurate and misinformed. It was informative in that sense.  There does appear to be great enthusiasm for a union. More on that in the coming weeks.


My longing for fiction took me to Cason McCullers and her "The Ballard of The Sad Cafe" where Miss Amelia dominates a comic-book type of yarn. I am now on to Dickens' "Great Expectations" where Pip is terrorized by his sister Mrs. Gargery.  Good writing but perhaps weakened by the serialisation of his novels forcing a timetable. Good writing is damaged by timetables.  Ask the ghost of J.B. Preistley next time you have a pint in the Hubblehome tavern. If you don't find him there, just take a stroll around the churchyard.

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