Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cabbie Reading Corner, Early May 2012 Version

I am pleased to report that I actually finished that first volume of John Burroughs which I had started how long ago I don't quite remember.  I have much to comment upon his writing and style and content but that will have to wait as I have just begun the second of the four that I hope to finish before the current century has expired. That would be volume VI, "Fresh Fields" which appears to be all about England late nineteen century.  That book makes one of three that I am actively reading, all non-fiction which make me slightly unhappy.  I am truly ready for some good fiction.  The Pulitzer Prize Committee and I appear to have a similar opinion regarding new and current fiction.Thinking of selecting some Dickens and enjoy myself.  Though I consider him a major influence I have read a grand total of four which tells me I better make my choice soon and get started.  While still in California I started something by the excellent writer Andrew Levy, "A Brain Wider Than The Sky: A Migraine Diary."  The subject is as titled. Published by Simon & Schuster in 2009.  Good, well researched memoir.  Later I will also comment upon his style and content.  Some aspects about it bear mentioning.

The last book of note is a horrible story of overreaching corporate influence and power, "Private Empire: ExxonMobile and American Power," by Steve Coll and published this year by Penguin. I discovered the book from a Terry Gross Fresh Air interview that was aired yesterday, Wednesday May 2nd, 2012.  There is also an excellent review at Time.Com. As time and space permits I will comment upon all that I have been reading and  recently read.  Perhaps the only enduring legacy my father left worth preserving was that of reading.  From that came the importance of writing, reading and writing siblings from that great parent, literacy.  Many thanks Child Craft!  A huge thank you, Bishop Piche Library!  And a more recent nod to Saint Deiniol's, and Gladstone's 20,000 musty volumes!

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