Monday, May 7, 2012

Ranting Versus Real Solution

She who refuses to be named commented upon what she called my rants.  I told her that they were purposeful but she wasn't having any of that.  I was wondering if anyone would notice.  I must admit that I am still simmering though I have been dousing the flames with maturity and commonsense.  It is said that it can take weeks after a forest fire to dampen and completely suppress the underlying burning.  Am I human or a blackened tree?  Regardless I have concluded that resolution is the only way forward though I have yet to discover if anyone agrees with me.  Unfortunately it just takes a few poorly dispatched calls to fan the embers.  As I asked Fred, the Sunday Day dispatch supervisor, how can the Starbucks at 6501 California SW become instead a bell described as the Hunan Express at 6400 California SW when even that was an error as it really was a business called The Dog Wash filled with dirty dogs?  And given the current rule not allowing telephone numbers to be included in the fare information, the driver, not the mention the waiting passenger is set up for some real trouble and confusion.  Just saying it is nuts isn't enough.  We need to find solution as I have been saying, that is if anyone is truly interested in solving the various issues plaguing the industry.  And yes, I did find the woman waitng patiently at the coffee shop.  As she was going to 26th South & South Lane I was able to describe to her the differences in the various close-by neighborhoods.  She was calling her address the Central District but it is nearer to Mount Baker or Leshi or some might even consider it the near beginnings of shallow Rainier but not really, just the whispering of Italian ghosts!

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