Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Admittedly tired today, which might of had something to do with it but my appointment with a city council member's legislative assistant did not go particularly well.  Flat affect is the descriptive term. Response was difficult to come by.  Even though I have strong disagreement with the L&I folks, I can never question their conviviality. Mr. Moomeau is a master of tact and civility and Les Hargrave is the kind uncle.  Today's meeting was a version of catatonia. Clearly the industry is not a council priority.  I will say that this isn't the first time a council reception was less than welcoming.  Talking to the council members and their aides is like scaling the castle walls.  I guess I should be pleased that boiling oil was outlawed in the century just past.  A prime council member even opposed my appointment to the commission, a letter from her stating that they were going in another direction.  Looking at the current state of the commission one can not deny that. But being someone not interested in holding resentments, I still voted for her in the last election.  The good mayor instead anointed me with his official blessings.  I believe I will take up future problems with his office.  Kenny Pittman is a master of decorum. And he has a advanced sense of humor.  Highly necessary when dealing with the taxi industry. Otherwise crying is the recommended response.

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