Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reminded Again Why I Don't Drive During the Week Plus Commisson & TAG Reports

It has been months since I have driven an extra shift other than a holiday.  Given that I had to be in town (I now dwell in Tacoma) Tuesday for the taxi advisory commission meeting and Wednesday for Craig Leisy's favorite forum, his Taxi Advisory Group (TAG) meeting, I thought why not drive a Wednesday night shift.  Amazing how I always discover just why it was a poor idea. Last night did hold the opportunity of the Sounder's playoff game, which guaranteed something if there was nothing else to be had. And without going into much of the boring details it was okay but really I wasn't much interested.  The "adjacent area (zone) automatic belling feature" on the MDT (computer) was totally maddening, offering you fares where you weren't, preventing you from picking up from where you were sitting.  Like the song moans, "when will they ever learn?"  At this rate I wouldn't place any bets with Lloyd's of London!  I did have a delayed round-trip from and back to Swedish Hospital, a nurse spending her long break at the Riverside Casino in Tukwila.  She recounted a miraculous  trip to Las Vegas where she won $100,000 over a long weekend.  This time she lost $100.00 and no tip for me due to her losing.  Later in the shift I had a few round-trips to ATM machines, those not-so-mysterious rides in the wee hours of the morn.  At times I truly hate knowing how folks conduct their lives.  Depressing is the word!  Who wants to know?! Not me!

Tuesday's commission meeting was so much fun we have decided to do it all over again on November 22nd.  Two members have a personal issue in the fire and monopolize the proceedings they have.  Though I do have sympathy for their plight, the commission was not designed to be one or two individual members' personal forum.  And besides, I know full well that the bad situation they are attempting to address was self-created.  I too would be upset if I had lost tens of millions in equity and most of my taxi association.  It all seems too little too late!  Regardless  I see the commission as a maturation process though I wish members would at least reach adolescence soon!  Diapers are so messy!  What else did we do? Craig Leisy made a presentation about his L&I-based proposals and also talked about the for-hire vehicles.  The meeting was held at the Yellow lot and everyone got a tour.  Is it only Seattle who appoints taxi advisory commission members who know little to nothing concerning taxis?  Let's hope so.  What other city would be this ________!?

As for the TAG, we were all much more civil while Mr. Leisy held court explaining the details of his L&I related proposal and how all of us drivers will make more money though he estimates we will lose at 159,000 trips (fares) due to the fare increase.  It was the last TAG of the year though soon you will be getting reports about the pending Seattle city council and King County council hearings.  I can't wait to be there. Ha! Ha! Ha!

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