Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Taxi Stands & Yesterday Continued Today

Before I continue from yesterday you may want to know that the City of Seattle has announced the creation of some new late night zones (taxi stands), including one in the Pike Place Market, east side of 1st between Pike & Pine.  It must be adjacent to the strip club so expect the choicest of customers!  Regardless, it is great to again have some kind of stand in the area.  I have been bugging the City of Seattle to put one in ever since they took the previous one out.  ONLY in Seattle do they take out a stand serving possibly the most popular tourist destination in the entire state, ensuring that for the past ten years the tens of thousands of pickups at that corner were all done illegally!  Doesn't that warrant a good Ha! Ha! Ha!

Back to yesterday, returning all the way to Thanksgiving when I picked up in the Queen Anne a man requiring a ride to Kirkland to, one, pick up his girlfriend and her friend, and two, find a club to dance away a Holiday evening.  He was complaining about going but since a recent argument remained unresolved he felt that appeasement was the best strategy going forward, and in this case, Kirkland and the Bridal Trails neighborhood up and over Lake Washington.  This ride was all about waiting, waiting for the young women to leave the Thanksgivings feast; waiting for the friend to get to change into her dancing shoes in Bellevue; then further waiting for the girlfriend on Mercer Island as she too needed a change of costume.  Clearly the young Russian woman was taking advantage of her wealthy Indian (sub-continent) boyfriend, causing him to finance her friend's final night in Seattle.  Eventually we made it back into Seattle proper and Capitol Hill.  It was painful to witness, prompting me to admonish the girlfriend after some ill-advised remarks to the taxi driver.  All turned out well as I got $115.00 including tip and a big smile and peace sign from the misbehaving Russian. 

And I would be amiss not to officially thank Novin who once again sponsored his now annual Yellow Cab Thanksgiving feast though he might skip holding it again at a Mexican restaurant.  I truly prefer the Iranian (Persian) chow that has been served up in the past.  Pity the lamb!

And what happened on Sunday?  Why, the Seahawks lost!  What else can be said about a mythical species of bird!  For raptors their beaks are softer than their bite.

PS----Location of New Stands

Capitol Hill---South side of E. Pike between 10th & Broadway

Fremont---North side of N. 36th between Francis N. & Dayton N.

Belltown---East side 1st between Blanchard & Bell

DT/PP Mkt---East side 1st between Pike & Pine

Pioneer Square---West side of Occidental between S. Washington & Yesler

Stands are taxi operational from 10 PM-6 AM

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