Tuesday, November 8, 2011

L&I Update 11/08/11

In a telephone conversation this morning with a L&I official, he sought clarification about lease-driver sentiment concerning Craig Leisy's (Seattle Consumer Affairs) proposed taximeter and lease-driver rate increase.  I told him that it was an unequal parallel, expecting Seattle lease-drivers to pay as much as $100.00 per shift, equal to what drivers in NYC are paying.  To think or imagine that Seattle's taxi market and consumer base matches that of one of the world's greatest cities is pure fantasy.  I emphasized that point.  I also pointed out that the current meter rate is nearly the highest in the country.  Raising it will only impact our ability to make a living.

He reported that it appears that our opposition has had an impact.  He believes that the current estimation of $1.11 per mile will be at least halved.  Let us hope so.  Potentially a decision will be made this upcoming Thursday, with that decision being signed officially for enactment at the end of this month.  My last suggestion is to contact Mr. Leisy directly and tell him how you feel.

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