Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Governor Contact Info & Commission Report

As I have said, it is imperative that all you Seattle & King County taxi drivers contact Governor Christine Gregoire and tell her you are not interested in Labor & Industry saving you by killing you, all those good & kind bureaucratic parents unintentionally suffocating the taxi baby, because they hear the infant wailing! and our diapers must need changing.  No, I don't think so!  Bitter is the moment and worse is the outcome if we don't intervene.

I could not find the governor's listed email address so I suggest you do what I did, google Governor State of Washington, connecting with her website and emailing her from there.  It works!

To leave a message call 360-902-4111

Mailing address is POB 40002, Olympia, WA 98504-0002

but since L&I will be signing on November 30th whatever they come up with I suggest you either call or email or both!  The quicker the better!

Commission Natives Are Restless

Is the Seattle & King County Taxi Advisory a complete joke and failure?  Well, yes and no.  At our six month juncture some are recognizing that we have to get serious because we are a mere six months away from filing our first annual report and clearly we have accomplished nothing at all.  Today we discussed an arcane point for almost two hours.  Part of the problem is that the commission was intentionally structured to have non-taxi members providing input on a subject they know nothing about.  I have already commented upon this in past postings so I will not be repetitive.  The blame for the situation falls squarely upon the folks who engineered a predictable failure, and further compounding the error by choosing less-than-qualified members. One taxi member has failed to show up for any of the meetings. And no replacement is on the horizon.   Maybe we can get Texas Governor Rick Perry to come by and lead us in a prayer circle seeking divine intervention.  Or am I just being cynical?! 

And a Quick Clarification

Pertaining  to a reference yesterday about dalits rising from sewers relates to the real life situation of folks caught in the web of India's caste system.  There is an actual branch of dalits, or more commonly known as untouchables, whose sole purpose from birth to death is to swim in the sewers of the major cities and keep the sewage system unclogged and flowing.  And can you believe other higher caste members attempt to stop them from bathing afterwards?  Makes taxi a pretty picture but there are at times unfortunate parallels.  But truly, most of my passengers are wonderful.  Though we all know about the few bad apples spoiling the taxi barrel.  Such is life in the erzatz city.

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