Monday, November 14, 2011

Labor & Industry Official Ride-Along

It looks like I (and we, the local industry) made State of Washington history by having a L&I official, William Moomau, ride as an observer in my taxi for approximately three hours this past Sunday.  In an earlier email I had invited any and all L&I officials to come and take a glance at taxi as you and I know it. Mr. Moomau, an over 30 year veteran of the L&I wars proved to be a good student, asking many questions pertaining to our daily concerns. I made every attempt to communicate our reality versus any perceived scenarios.  He suggested that the amount L&I might be requesting of the local industry is falling closer to initial expectations.  Let us hope so.  As I have been saying, it is not reasonable to compare or suggest that out market matches a city like New York.  It also appears to have been helpful to have new voices added to the chorus.  L&I is truly interested in assisting and protecting the lease-driver/independent contractor community while simultaneously making a correct and fair assessment of what the overall taxi industry can afford.  I appreciate the effort being made.

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