Friday, July 1, 2011

Before The New Weekend Begins

I am about 2 1/2 hours away from beginning the extended 4th of July Weekend and I have yet to say a word about last weekend, so here I go for a few minutes.  My excuse is that I have been in the South Cascades hiking and camping with Laura in southern Oregon and also a wee bit in to northern California.  Lots of deer where we were including a newly born fawn but nothing modern, thank goodness.  Not that long ago I was happily camped just off Miller Creek and now here I am on Capital Hill. Lord taxi almighty!  Anyway, on to the fun and games of last weekend.  I can tell you I at one point last Saturday afternoon I had six airport runs in a row, five coming from various parts of West Seattle.  That for me was a new record.  I believe the weekend total was ten, another record.  Now two quick taxi stories and I will be back in a flurry either on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The first story is courtesy of Laura, who said "put that in!"  Okay Laura, I will, for what is is worth, which isn't much near as I can tell.  Saturday bar break I pick up two guys going to the Noc Noc from Capital Hill.  The disembodied voice from the back said, "I love your wool hat." & "Your vest (also wool) looks so cuddly (or something like that) that I would like to curl up (or was it nuzzle?) inside."  It was more or less something to that effect.  Hey, I am almost old enough to be his grandfather more or less.  He and his friend then expanded upon what could only be called sexual gossip.  Who wants to hear this stuff!? Not me!! Upon dropping them off Mr I-Want-To-Be__________ was the seediest young man, complete with a scruffy Mohawk.  Wow! what an opportunity missed!

On to my last fare of the weekend, early Monday morning and I have to get back to the lot and to sleep and get to the airport and GOD! this is crazy, which brings me to the subject of the metaphysical involving taxi.  Much more on this topic later but what happened was I had to gas up 478 and also give it a bath. I step back into my taxi on Capital Hill and literally across the street a man is waving at me, taking me a block from my favorite AM-PM ($3.67 per gallon) in West Seattle and just down the street from the car wash.  Amazing!  Oh yes, the TAXI GODS can be kind!

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