Thursday, July 21, 2011

BID Screen & Corrections

The one I can't mention questioned whether anyone knew what I was referring to when I mentioned the term "BID Screen"?  It requires a very simple explanation, and sometime in the future I will describe the taxi computer (MDT) in full detail.  Suffice to say the computer allows you to scroll to different screens.  The BID screen then is simply for fares that the computer has put out and remain unmatched with a driver.  After a few minutes, the unmatched fare is made visible upon the BID screen, allowing any available driver to grab or "bid" for it.

Though I am attempting to eliminate all errors before I publish these posts, sometimes one or two will get by me. This is more due to fatigue than anything else though I am sure that for some it just confirms that I do not know how to write.  If you notice an egregious error you can either notify me by email,, or simply leave a comment.  I won't be embarrassed.  Instead I will be highly grateful.  At this late juncture I have little to prove.  I once had a poem included with a few 19th Century British greats.  I know I can write, at least when I am not exhausted.  Can anyone suggest a restful sanatorium to check into?

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