Friday, June 24, 2011

Topical & Local

I just can't resist commenting upon the local big story, a Yellow taxi crashing into a bank lobby at 2nd & Union at about Midnight.  For a small city like Seattle this minor incident is big news.  Yellow tells me that the driver was rear-ended but the local news account leaves it open, the opposing driver claiming the taxi sideswiped him.  I will keep you posted but it reminds me of a rookie driver I attempted to mentor who unfortunately lasted about ten days before his career ending accident.  What I could never understand is how he was able to put his taxi nose-first down a Capital Hill stairwell on a very local 25 MPH street.  A least he showed some creatively.  The truth, all joking aside, is that it is extremely hazardous driving taxi given the miles we put on in a given day.  It helps to know how to drive a car before stepping into that cab. Yellow is red to all those bullish drivers, the taxi a moving target.  More commentary upon this theme later.  I think I am already supposed to be asleep, awakening in about 2 hours.  Taxi, all I can say, is crazy.  All my brethren know!  And as you continue to read over the weeks and months, you will know all about it too.

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