Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Taxi Dysfunction & Boy! Girl! These Lions are Certainly Cheap!

A quick entry to tide me over until I have some actual time to relate all the wonderful TAXI events I have so recently experienced.  I made a rare weekday, non-holiday appearance last night and was re reminded of what I knew already: unless you have motivation and energy you are not going to make any money on a garden-variety night when, despite the invasion of nearly 20 thousand Lions, not much was happening.  Yes, I suppose if I had been interested I could have flown around the city and scraped up $100. take-home but instead I didn't care, instead making my lease and gasoline and feasting on Chinese.  Weekend $$$$ was good so why push when sleeping is a far better activity.

I will be pointing out some general taxi madness in this and the next few entries.  Simple, stupid stuff that never, ever ends, like the Portland train being announced over the MDT (computer) that it is in and that there were 90 people waiting.  Since I was sitting first up on the Amtrak stand I knew that was simply not true.  The train did show up and unload about 10 minutes later but to those of us who count the taxi minutes this kind of discrepancy is not acceptable.

And how is it possible that fellow drivers sitting on the train had missed the news of the biggest convention in years was in town?  Well, I know why, which is the same reason so many of them never make any money while complaining "where is the $$$?"  They are just not paying attention.  One must be alert.  Or instead you can spend hours sitting on a stand gabbing with your friends while money is sitting just around the corner.

As for all these Lion Club members, don't they realize that charity begins where you are?  Cheap is not even close to how I would describe their attitude toward tipping.  My comments will be forthcoming.

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