Monday, July 18, 2011

And You Thought Cleopatra........

Early Sunday morning I met Cleopatra and no, I hadn't gotten a fare to Egypt or encountered H.G. Wells and his time machine though I can tell you it was about 5:30 AM and the day had dawned upon a pink and lavender sunrise tinting the Cascades a pleasant shade on the eastern horizon.  I was up that early due to a Capital Hill ride to DT Kirkland at about 2:20 AM and finding I could not go a foot further without sleeping, I found a darkened street adjacent to a small park, my few minutes doze turning into a 2 1/2 hour nap.  Awakening, and initially puzzled at "just where the hell am I" I drove forward a block, suddenly understanding, "yes, I am in Kirkland!"  Turning right onto south-bound I-405 I saw that a fare was sitting on the University Hospital (zone 152) which meant it was more than likely an account fare which could mean anything from a $12.00 package to a DSHS ride to an Eastern Washington destination like the city of Yakima.  Though of course tired I had incentive to check it out. All I had to do was get closer.

It still hadn't entered the BID screen when finally I reached the mid-span arch of the 520 (Evergreen Point) bridge and booked into the 150 (University).  Immediately I was offered the fare, an UWMC social service fare going to Belltown from the ER.  Arriving I found dispatch of course had the wrong name (naming the social worker, not the client) but it was all figured out, and there lo and behold was (Queen?) Cleopatra not on a Nile River royal barge but resting in a custom-built baby stroller, Cleo now starring as a jet black feline working as a service  (animal) cat.  Her task is to detect seizures.  How Cleo does this I don't know.  Anyway I put her (remaining in the stroller) and her human friend in 478's spacious back seat and off we flew to the 2500 block of 1st Avenue.  I could not have asked for nicer passengers, Cleo truly a royal personage.  I can only hope that the historical Cleopatra was as gracious and dignified.

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