Wednesday, January 16, 2019

When The Dead Follow The Blind---The Folly Of The Seattle Cabbie


While an optimist, I am also realistic.  Yes, while hoping for the best, I do understand that the majority of my fellow Seattle cabbies remain blind to their own reality---that by failing to culturally  assimilate to their adopted country they remain tied to an ignorance preventing them from ever truly leaving their country of origin, an uncut umbilical cord never allowing a true birth from constrained thought to real independent thinking. 

Tonight, talking to a group of immigrant drivers at the train station, again confirmed what I already knew, that being serious about themselves is not a part of their agenda.  For ten years I have attempted to awaken the greater Seattle taxi community to what is occurring around them in plain sight but when you don't want to see you don't and that is just the way it is.  It isn't that they are bad but again, their indifference is frightening and no amount of shaking altering their stance.

And since I am convinced of that, why should I insist pushing against inertia, angering me so much that here I am writing this at 11:25 PM when instead I should be in bed after a very long taxi day.  In short I am sick of their imbecility.  I don't like it, I don't need it and I don't want to communicate with it.  It has nothing to say to me, nothing at all, their nonsensical conversation mere gibberish, a language I refuse to speak.  It is that simple. And yes, I have been a fool for trying when instead I am better off sleeping which is what I am about to do, sleep and forget all about taxi, my dour dreams a blank nightmare freezing the night and the too rapidly approaching morning.


  1. Joey ,
    As you know , being a cabby has
    always been a haven for those
    types too ignorant or too
    foolish to strive for better.
    True , there are exceptions to
    this old adage , but honestly ,
    those are few and far between.
    In others words , most cabbies
    are just too stupid for their
    own good and it amazes me how
    society allows these sheeple
    out in public ' un - chaperoned '. Beware of cab drivers , I'd
    warn anyone , they're too
    ignorant and liable to do
    very foolish things all
    by their lonesome .
    Bill ...