Monday, January 21, 2019

Three Days Off Clearly Not Enough......

With the MLK Jr holiday I was able to avoid the cab for 3 days but clearly it wasn't enough as somehow this afternoon I misplaced the glossy MTI brochure I intended to use to update everyone about Puget Sound Dispatch's plans concerning the new dispatch system.  Maybe daylight will reveal it but once again, more delay, something too commonplace in taxi-land.

But my dilemma is indicative of what the taxi lifestyle (or death-style) is, never having adequate time for anything other that grinding yourself into the ground trying to make that ever elusive dollar.  While having a good past week money-wise, it only seems that way because on average I once made the same amount just working Saturdays and Sundays. Uber is not only killing our business, it is killing me.

And yes, while complaining vociferously about my fellow cabbies I do understand how difficult it is to make sense of the oft times nonsensical world that is taxi and living in an alien culture called the good, old USA.  All I can do tonight in response is go to sleep and start the crazy routine all over again. That's my reality, and for all the cabbies in Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, London, Paris and all those many cities and town around our globe sharing that grim reality, I wish you the best.  Good night is all I can say.  Sleep well and make some money in the morning!

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  1. Joey ,
    Just when I thought I had seen
    it all before , yesterday , in
    Auburn just past the Muckleshoot
    Casino , a Cubby Cab passed me
    at 5:45 pm and lo and behold ,
    since I was behind his Crown
    Victoria , I noticed the driver
    had a DVD player mounted just
    above his head on the visor.
    To say the least , I was
    amazed as how he could possibly
    safely drive with this distraction playing - out
    while he drove. Honestly ,
    in bygone days , drivers
    bought small , hand - held
    TV's which plugged - into
    the cigarette lighter socket,
    but watching a DVD in todays
    times while driving , unbelievably bad news !!
    Bill ...