Saturday, January 26, 2019

Brochure Found! New Dispatch Update Six Days Late

(Editing Note:  I started this Sunday minus the MTI advertising brochure, something I plan on leaving at the PSD cashier's window for everyone to thumb through.  Other than my preamble, which you can skip, what you will be reading is my again quick glance at what MTI is featuring.  I do encourage all Seattle Yellow cabbies to go back and read my first posting concerning this dated 08/29/2018.  Yes, the process has been long but ultimately I feel we will all be pleased with the finished product.  As for all you paranoid cabbies out there, I assure you I have no financial interest in any of this other than 1)  hoping it makes me more money, and 2) my wish and desire for all of you to do the same.  That is my only motive but 3, I don't expect anyone to believe me.)

Sometime in June 2019 the new taxi system for Puget Sound Dispatch will be operational.  While originally slated to be functional and up this February, various delays including the actual building of the system and the City of Seattle's hesitation in approving the the new "soft" meter,  has held up planned implementation.  Due to all this, and given we are in the midst of the "school run" reason, it was decided by PSD management (Amin & Zim) that it just made sense to delay the start-up until the school's are out.  One could call this overcautious, but given what happened when "George's" system was installed and the resulting chaos, no one wants that nightmare to be repeated.

But despite this, PSD has been progressing forward, as the change over to the new tablets have indicated.  In addition, in the next couple of weeks, all single owners will be asked to pay for part of a new credit card payment system we will all be utilizing.  More on that later.

Just please be aware I am personally monitoring the ongoing process, given I too have a vested interested in everything working properly, along with the premise that fairness is part of every step forward.  Knowing we cabbies are, as a collective group, more than paranoid, I understand that clear and concise communication is essential.

And you should know that I know that just by mentioning the word paranoid, you are now paranoid.  My thirty years in this deranged business has taught me much, this just mentioned fact one of them.  While all of you might be many very descriptive adjectives, and often irritating to the quick, I remain committed to everyone receiving just and reasonable treatment.  If that means I too am crazy then I admit it, just another loyal card carrying member of the "Royal Taxi Insane Asylum Society," Chinese food my favorite "mood-controlling" medication.

MTI---The Next Generation of Dispatch 

MTI is used by both cab, bus and trucking companies around North America and the world, including the UK, continental Europe, New Zealand and Australia.


The Driver App operates on both tablet and smart phone devices, offering an open platform with endless operating options and access to live trips.

Soft Meter featuring high-accuracy GPS and easy to read meter display.  This is operated in a "blue tooth" signal kind of fashion, the meters no longer sealed by a meter wire and clip but still completely secure.

Real-time GPS featuring map plotting, area stats, dispatch and trip navigation, allowing drivers to easily switch between trip info and navigation screen.  What this means is that individual drivers will no longer have to utilize their own GPS devices, your new computer system offering that function.

Two-way communication allows two-way messaging feature between dispatch and cabbies.

Web TelOp is the screen the dispatchers will be using.  Please note that dispatch in its entirety will be solely based in Seattle by next summer. Web TelOp is both simultaneously more simple and complex than our current call-taker screens, providing more instantaneous information for call takers and supervisors.

MTI booking app.  This has real potential depending on how everyone wants to use it.  Since it has been verified by Seattle/King County licensing, it just isn't theory that all companies can match TNC app rates if desired.  Regardless of that, our new app will have driver details and photographs along with payments options and driver/passenger communication options.  Driver tips and driver rating can be available, along with email receipts and fare quotes and fare price estimations.

As for the payment system, both Square & the MTI system will be used, with Square ultimately becoming the back-up system.  And overall, MTI's problem solving abilities will be a prime positive,  MTI providing quick 24/7 solutions for all potential system failures.

Expect to have more direct management communication soon.

Seattle/King County Taxi For-Hire Fee Reduction

Yesterday, when renewing my for-hire, I was pleased to discover that it had been reduced to $135.00 from$180.00.  Are you amazed?  I am.

Taxi Protests & Strike in Spain

In it's 01/23/2019 edition, the New York Times reported taxi driver protests in both Madrid and Barcelona against Uber and the Spanish TNC Cabify.   Madrid cabbies are on indefinite strike.  While we have been sheep, the Spanish cabbies are lions, roaring at Uber and their governmental supporters.  I have taken cabs in both cities.  During my 1982 honeymoon, we took cabs all over Madrid.  It was fun.

WA ST L&I Back Again?

There is an attempt to once again to make us take on L&I insurance in the WA ST legislature.  HB 1515 & SB 5513.  More later upon this expensive subject.

Taxi App Rates

Yes, taxi app rates have been deregulated for a few years now, something verified for me last week by Seattle/KC Licensing.  Green Cab says they will be taking advantage of that.  We'll see if and when that happens.


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