Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Taxi Doggerel Times Two: The Taxi King & Farewell To New Year's Money

Yes, taxi money is way, way down, and truly I feel I am the fool, the clown, hitting the road minus the once monetary hip-hip- hooray! and the now past New Year's passenger parade previously clamoring for our cabs now disappeared and gone upon once singularly regal business days, Uber a new and smiling Marquis du Sade torturing us without thought, disregarding screams and shouts from dank chambers below.  Yes, taxi business upon New Year's Eve 2018 was dead, Fred, Sally and Sue! and truly there is nothing about it that we can DO except rub our eyes and rue the day, rue the morning and evening past all cheer and obvious delight, all business vanishing into that once good night!

                                                          The Taxi King

                                        The Taxi King has fallen down

                                                       lost his crown,

                                       and now just another average cabbie

                                                      circus clown,

                                      all his monetary taxi tricks

                                                        pouring down the drain,

                                     "why! the poor boy has gone insane"

                                              and wandering in circles

                                       puzzled upon what to do and maybe,

                                              just maybe, going back

                                                      to therapist's school,

                                          obtaining all those silly psychology degrees

                                             and charging one hundred dollars

                                               an hour while sipping martinis 

                                               someplace warm, just possibly

                                                        discovering a new

                                                 and much better occupational


                                                    Farewell to the New Year

                                    Alas, alack, farewell to fond New Years' Eve

                                    of holiday's past, when, just like firecrackers

                                    bursting in the dark, a dependable blast propelling

                                    passengers and money into the cab, business is

                                   gone, a tuneless song drowned out by Lyft and

                                   Uber, all remaining cabbies left in mindless stupor

                                   and despair, their tears lost in the rain-driven, wind-

                                   driven air!


Yes, yes, business is bad, business is sad but yesterday I ended the night with a sixty-six dollar airport run, so occasionally, very occasionally there exists some old fashioned fun!  Happy New Year everyone! and hope for the best as it can become much worse than it is, scary to imagine, and even scarier to endure.


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