Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Question & Answers Plus Trouble On the Greyhound

A taxi driver emailed me requesting that I take questions and provide answers upon "all topics taxi", becoming a kind of taxi "Ann Landers."  Since I like that idea, fire away, leaving your questions in the blog comments.  Next week I will be in Mexico City for nine days so will have some time to ponder your taxi dilemmas. 

A taxi buddy called me tonight to say there is trouble afoot upon the DT Greyhound stand.  One of the Yellow taxi (zone) signs was evidently covered or marred with black spray paint.  The other sign has been removed altogether.  My friend also voiced his old suspicions concerning a certain female security guard who at times appears to be more intimate with the limo drivers than would be considered appropriate.  I have also observed her being chummy with our limo outlaws.  I have notified the City of Seattle concerning he situation and hopefully we will soon have a tranquil sea upon the taxi ocean.

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  1. I have notified the City of Seattle concerning they situation and hopefully they will soon have a tranquil sea on the taxi ocean.

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