Thursday, January 19, 2012

Greeting From Mexico City

Ola.  While all of you are braving? snow and ice and whatever winter nonsense being tossed upon your head, I have been enjoying a balmy 75 degrees Fahrenheit down here in the land of 20 cents subway rides and 45 cents tacos.  Mexico City is teeming with taxis, and I took one from the airport to my DT hotel, costing about $17.00 flat rate, and tossing an additional five on top as the guy was a true taxi professional taking me directly to my somewhat obscure hotel.

Briefly a few words about my just past taxi weekend, and thank goodness the Sunday storm was modest as I drove from its beginning to its whimpering conclusion.  As I have recently alluded, during these "you never know what is going to happen" winter days and months, I wondered what would bring in the money that weekend. Knowing the weather reports, I thought that a bit of snow would turn the trick, which is exactly what happened.  On early Sunday afternoon I even had a rare "triple load" which made me think for a moment that I was in Manhattan but that illusion quickly passed.

Saturday got off to a positive beginning, with a Zone 120 (greater Green Lake) taking me all of the way to the East Hill of Kent, Washington.  With tip I suddenly had a $82.00 trip translating to having my entire weekend nut in four hours.  Unfortunately later it slowed down but I was still hopeful that Sunday would be bountiful.

Sunday I awakened to a snow-covered morning though the major roads were wet and clear.  It was when I was attempted to reach a time-call in Madison Park (Zone 200) that I realized that we were in for some unpleasant weather.  Watching various cars spin and slide at about 32nd & Madison informed me I better rethink my strategy, extremely clear that at least for that moment no taxi would be making it over that hill. Taking a side road bordering the Arboretum, I believe it was 28th East, I carefully headed North to the University District.  Picking up a guy in the Wallingford neighborhood, the snow bellowed its arrival as we headed south down Aurora Ave North, huge white flakes inundating the roadway.

Dropping him off I went to the train and picked up a lady headed to the Pike Place Market.  At a stop light another woman going to 1st & Cedar jumped in, and half block later a gentleman from Vermont climbed into the front seat, wanting to go the Sea-Tac Hilton.  This, my taxi ladies & gentleman, is my kind of action.  After an urination stop on the side of the road, we ambled south-bound to Sea-Tac, the kindly passenger flipping me $25.00 on top of $40.  Anyway, even with various no-shows and other kinds of silliness I had a great day and a profitable weekend indeed. 

My LA-bound flight required some de-icing but nothing beyond that small delay hindered my eventual on-time arrival in Mexico City.  Tonight the night is clear and my friend Mark pointed out Jupiter.  Who can complain from the the 6th floor of an ersatz modern hotel?  Not me, not a discouraging word to be heard nor spoken.

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