Friday, January 27, 2012

Post Mexico, Post-Winter Storm

After my upcoming taxi weekend, I will comment more fully on my trip and some details I think many will find both useful and interesting.  Taxi news awaited me and I am still in a state of shock.

Jack M., day driver of 478, and a long-time taxi veteran, hit a patch of black ice early Monday morning south-bound on State Highway 509 on the way to Sea-Tac, crashing into a wall.  Both he and his passenger spent the day in the hospital with none-life threatening injuries, Jack being seriously shaken up with his passenger suffering a couple head wounds.  Faithful 478 is totalled.  I will miss that car!  I talked to Jack late this morning and he was weak but okay.  He is unsure when he is returning.  Monday I deliver various items left in the car.  I often say taxi driving is akin to a war.  I am sure Jack agrees.

My old taxi friend Frank M., past designer of my last book cover, and currently working in the BYG (Yellow) Hope-link office, is back in a rehab center again recovering from further diabetic complications.  I will be delivering him a care package on Monday.

Barry, long-time beloved Yellow driver superintendant  appears to be very ill with a lung related virus.  He is battling for his life at Saint Francis Hospital located in the city of Federal Way, WA.  All our best best wishes and prayers are directed toward Barry and we can only hope for the best for our taxi comrade.  I remember when Barry once rode in my taxi as a green-pea student.  He was a good taxi driver, his years on the City of Seattle police force providing useful insight into the taxi humanity daily entering his cab.  Good luck, Barry!


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