Friday, January 13, 2012

Always Accompany Your Taxi Lawyer: Appealing Ain't So Appealing

Yesterday was a day of complete futility, going to my King County Supreme Appeals Court hearing only to find that I could offer no new evidence, the good judge in session only allowed to make her opinion from facts generated from my original municipal court hearing.  Given that I failed to accompany my attorney that particular ill fated  day,  I will never be able to officially state in court that the officer made a false statement leading to me being found to have committed the infraction, when in fact I had done nothing whatsoever. The lesson here, is always, I repeat always make your appearance in court.  The first time I break that steadfast golden rule I get burned. I could appeal to the Washington State Supreme Court but since the same rules apply there is exactly zero incentive to do so.

I did file an internal investigations report with SPD, and gave a fairly lengthy taped statement over the telephone.  What do I expect to come of that?  You and I already know the answer.  Isn't taxi fun?  We already know the answer to that question too!

The biggest surprise was to find that my faithful attorney had paid my fine months ago.  When I called his office to tell I owed them some money they said don't worry about it, my lawyer paid it evidently appalled that he had lost the case.  We have always had a good relationship, with him having saved my taxi butt on various and sundry occasions.  I owe him an apology.  Not only have I been a fool I have compounded my crime by being an idiot. Oh well!

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