Monday, July 28, 2014

Giving It A Rest & Comments Upon A Late Mayor

Not that I expected it but I haven't heard anything new today about reviving a challenge to the Mayor's bill.  Being the ever optimist I hoped that some new resistance might spring up but alas, no, all that remains is composing a taxi obituary.  But given the level of business this weekend you would never know the patient is terminal.  It was amazingly busy and profitable, even for a summer Seafair/Torchlight parade and Capitol Hill Block Party weekend.  At one point I had three Sea-Tac airport fares in a row, giving me five total for yesterday. 

Saturday morning got off with a real bang, my third fare taking me to that beautiful little town nestled in the near Cascades, North Bend.  Dropping off my passengers near looming Mount Si, the early morning was truly breathtaking, a pervasive misty, low hanging ground fog providing further enchantment to an idyllic dawn.  I didn't want to leave, further reminding I have had enough of taxi, quite ready to to be in the middle of nowhere and staying there for months at a time. 

But ultimately, Bless you, taxi, I will always wish you the best the world has to offer.  I just wish you wouldn't ignore the obvious but I know that's asking more than you can do.  I give up!

Comment Upon A Former Mayor

Today's Seattle Times announced the passing of former Seattle Mayor Paul Schell who had led Seattle from 1998 to 2002.  He died from complications relating to heart bypass surgery.  I note his passing due to a statement he made during his administration, Schell advising Seattle's citizenry to utilize taxis as their second car.  This sounds good unless you experienced the local terror campaign perpetuated upon the taxi driver community by Seattle's police, this started under another good liberal, Norm Rice.  I am not exaggerating when I say SPD would stop the local cabbies for the most minor of offences, like picking up and dropping off customers. Perhaps ineffectual Schell was completely unaware of SPD's tactics, which wouldn't be surprising, the good mayor forever dreaming of leafy Provence. 

During his initial winning campaign for mayoral office, it came out that the ex-Port of Seattle commissioner was travelling quite often to Europe on official business only to somehow end up visiting his quaint cottage located in southern France.  How did this guy ever get elected?  RIP! Mister Schell, you make the current mayor look good.  Weather you love or hate Murray, you can't say he isn't effective.  He is mover, getting things done minus popular opinion.  Weather this translates into a second term, or like Schell, only sticking around for four years, remains to be seen.  What is my opinion?  Guess!?

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