Friday, July 25, 2014

Don't Uncork The Champagne-----There Ain't Gonna Be Any Revolution

Maybe it was divide and conquer, offering one part of the local taxi industry incentives they couldn't refuse.  Maybe it was the fear of retaliation and retribution.  Or was it indifference to individual fate, a fatal attitude of taking what ever comes, living or dying with final and evolving results?  Why do I think no one showed up for a meeting where, one way or the other, a decision concerning a referendum attempt or some similar strategy was to be made?

 My answer is just good, old fashioned taxi dysfunction, something I know too well.  One participant's sputtering excuse was not convincing.  Another continues to be a human kaleidoscope, changing arguments and scenarios with the turn of a wrist.  Another was completely believable, a bell taking him out of the area. 

The one individual who showed up, the person potentially financially backing any effort, remained confident but time is rapidly vanishing, Monday leaving a scant 17 days to gather 30,000 signatures.  Divine intervention anyone?  In other words, Mayor Murray's bill will be law in 20 days and the deregulation of Seattle's taxi industry begins.  There is little to nothing left to say.  I can only hope that only a small minority are damaged.  That is the best I think that can be hoped for.  Thank goodness firing squads have been outlawed is my final commentary.

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  1. It's all very sad indeed. I see the same thing here in Denver: apathy or antipathy to the very thing (taxi life/taxi industry) that sustains one's existence on this earth, all coming from within.

    Joe I would have fought in the streets with you. But I'm in Denver and you are in Seattle. What a fight it could have been.