Monday, July 21, 2014


Tonight's entry is a shortened version that will be continued either later tomorrow or midweek due to two events scheduled for the morning and afternoon hours.  Later you will understand my secrecy.  Instead I will quickly touch upon typical taxi in all its tainted glory.  What I find sadly amusing is that thanks to 478's security camera I could notify the police and voila! instantly I would have the evidence necessary to have the young ladies arrested if so desired.  Again, why is Mayor Murray insistent about removing something keeping Seattle's cabbies safe and sound?  To this date, there has been no explanation. 

First they requested I pick them up in the alley.  Once there I waited and waited.  Finally four very overly painted young woman strode out balancing upon fashionable but unwieldy high heels. Calling them animated and loud would be kind.  Like screaming sirens they entered the cab, fueled by unknown substances.  Taking them down to Belltown I was repeatedly subjected to multiple grabs and touches, behavior in part prompted by altered and deranged minds.  Adding a final insult to injury, when paying me my twelve-dollar fare one of the not-so-lovely lovelies accused me of stealing her twenty-dollar bill.  Leaping out of the cab and acting like they were not going to pay I said I would have them arrested.  Thankfully the young idiots paid me and vanished into the disco night.  It's a lot of fun being molested.  You should try it sometime!   Again, welcome to the taxi I know and understand all too well, an experience rhyming with hell!

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