Friday, July 11, 2014

BIG RED HOT RUMOR Plus Other Recent Taxi Topics

A well-placed source orbiting somewhere in the local taxi universe informed me today that given the expected results from Monday's upcoming July 14th City Council hearing, a major Seattle "taxi organisation" has committed to fund a referendum reversing the council's decision.  Clearly I am not the only one objecting to the mayor's and the council's recent actions.  Many I have talked to in the taxi community have said that last Monday's City Council's actions are completely unacceptable.  This after repeated comments from council members that the mayor's new proposals resulted from an inclusive mediation.  Nothing could be further from the truth and they know it.  How can they believe that we accepted remaining "capped" while Uber, Lyft and Sidecar enjoy unlimited entry into our regulated market?  This belief, plain and simply, is total fantasy and nothing else.  Does the mayor and the council think we are suicidal?  I can strongly affirm to the contrary that we are not.  They're making this into a war.  We have been left no alternative but to defend ourselves. 

I personally know this kind of lopsided battle, having beat the Federal Government over my Selective Service Status back in 1972.  I view this current argument as a repeat, powerful government entities dictating my fate and the fate of my friends.  It was not acceptable in 1972 and it isn't anymore acceptable now in 2014.  Just like in the 1960s, justice and morality will win out, right always winning out over wrong.  Power to the people!  Power to the oppressed!

Tuesday's Legal Ruling

Clearly the council's quick actions on Monday were designed to sidestep the legal challenge to the Uber referendum.  On Tuesday, the court ruled the issue moot due to the  council's dumping of it's own bill.  One opinion I have read states that the judge didn't rule "on the substance" of the bill, meaning there is still an opportunity for the judge to decide, with a declaratory opinion, on the issue's substance.  A request has been formally filed.

Another Reason For The Security Cameras

Splashed all over the news this week was some idiot taxi driver's groping of a passenger.  Having security cameras protects both driver and customer.  Kind of obvious you would think, that is if you are thinking.  Amazing is all I can say!  Enjoy the great summer weather!  I have seen Seattle summers that were more like January. Stop complaining and break out the suntan lotion.  Soon enough the moss will again be growing atop your head.

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