Monday, September 30, 2013

What $280.6 Million Will Buy You & Taking A Jew Fishing?

Late Saturday night I double-loaded two sets of University of Arizona fans post-UW Husky who were shivering in the near-record rain soaking everyone and anyone valiant enough to have literally weathered the entire game.  Both couples had been wandering for over two hours searching for the elusive taxi, receiving bad and erroneous advise from the local finest on where to locate a cab. The sad reality is that after an over two-hundred and eighty million dollar investment in the spanking, brand new and thoroughly renovated Husky Football stadium, not one penny it appears has been directed toward accommodating taxi and disabled accessibility.

After all that money expended, a fan's best bet finding a post-game taxi is still the main entrance of the University of Washington Medical Center. When I was chair of the taxi advisory commission we sent a letter to the folks directing the construction, asking about taxi stands.  No reply and I know why, because they knew what I knew, understanding that UW had no plans and no interest in making it easy and sane to load up the thousands of fans seeking taxis during half-time and game's end.  The end result were those four Arizonians wandering through the downpour vainly looking for what they could not find.  A clearly marked stand would have been and is the answer.  I advise everyone to complain to the UW Board of Regents.  Maybe, just maybe they might be responsive, especially if you threaten to cancel your season tickets because their only interest is money and nothing else.  Of course they will issue denials but the truth rests in the taxi pudding.  The next home game will be a repeat of Saturday. I can personally guarantee that unavoidable conclusion.

Thanks for the Anti-Semitism

Drunks are idiots, plain and simple.  Picking up three  guys from a West Seattle bar one asked a question, about all things, fishing charters.  Attempting to deflect the nonsense, I responded, "Do I look like a fish?"  Evidently, clearly not, as the wonderful person said, "Why would I want to take a Jew fishing?" thinking I am Jewish and displaying his bad attitude.  Unfortunately this is not the first time I have encountered this variety of racism and mistaken identification but hey! if you want me to be Jewish or anything else, why not?  I will be any perceived derogatory fill-in-the-blank you like.  Like I have been saying for years my favorite taxi moniker is "bitch faggot."  With that title I feel I have achieved something.  It isn't anyone who can claim to be something so rare.  And this is taxi reality as it truly is.  Are you ready to be insulted and maligned by fools?


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