Monday, September 16, 2013


On first glance, many may not notice the similarities between government and non-governmental bureaucracies but rubbing your eyes will often reveal a cold-hearted efficiency overstepping real human reality.   Upon close observation you will also find many good and well-meaning administrators behind decisions ultimately cruel and unkind.  I believe this occurs when someone mistakenly view themselves operating machinery robotically manufacturing decisions, forgetting that the assembly-line is composed of flesh and blood, not mechanical nuts and bolts attached to inanimate objects.

Early Saturday morning I was belled into the  University Hospital ER for a HopeLink fare headed downtown.  I didn't think there was anything out of the ordinary even though the older woman had a suitcase and various bags filled with belongings.  Recognizing the address as this large complex housing "at-risk" women I thought nothing about taking her there at nearly five in the morning.  The poor woman could barely walk, her permanent wheelchair having been left downtown.

To my surprise, upon our arrival she informed me she was staying at the shelter and  would be sleeping on the sidewalk "without a jacket" until the doors were opened. If I had known she had been discharged on to the street I would not have taken her. There is no plausible reason why she couldn't have remained in the ER waiting room or the shelter staff making an exception to their  "hard and fast" rules.  To do this to anyone, especially a disabled woman coming from the hospital, was completely outrageous and unnecessary.  There can be no justification for something like this to happen but I can assure you it happens all the time and will again unless measures are taken.  I alerted someone and hopefully this kind of nonsense won't be repeated.

Seattle Times Editorial

In today's edition, their editorial staff joined the chorus of the uninformed, believing they have knowledge about an industry they have never participated in, other than as consumers.  Does everyone remember how Sarah Palin was disparaged for her "I can see Russia from Alaska" comment, implying she understood Russia and its complex history and people by some personal version of osmosis?  How is this different?  Oh, that's right, all those editorial folks are college educated compared to the great taxi unwashed.  Pardon me for neglecting the obvious!  What the hell do I know concerning the subject?


Last night while transporting a cancer patient home to Lynnwood, I was pursued by
a "road-rager" because I dared tap my horn when the driver of the car remained stopped in front of me at a stop sign.  I finally braked to a  stop, leaving the fool sticking out in an intersection.  Once the driver understood I was calling the police, he roared off into the night.  Welcome to stupidity as usual!

When Will the Cabbies.........?

Nearing Chinatown for dinner late last night, I was flagged down by three Seahawk fans trying to get to Auburn.  Like the guy I took to Federal Way recently, countless drivers refused to stop for them.  They were very appreciative, thanking me for stopping.  All they wanted to do was get home.  You mean that is some kind of threatening behavior?  Ridiculous, and thanks everyone for my biggest and last fare of the day!  Your loss was my gain, everyone fumbling the taxi football on game day.  And I keep hearing everyone complain they are not making any money, blaming others for the situation, instead of recognizing who might be ultimately responsible. Look in the taxi mirror is my advice.  Who do you think is staring back at you?

Taxi PS

New City Council hearing regarding taxi scheduled for Thursday September 26th at 2:00 PM.

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