Monday, September 9, 2013

She Was Howling!

"She-who-can't-be-named" was furious I graded Cooper and Mundy so highly.  "You're too nice!"  "And they didn't even get it right!"  She is an another person who could ably assist in any local taxi or transportation study, her over 23 year "association" with this deranged cabbie making her unusually qualified with a subject  known well, clearly understanding more about the business than the two good professors.  When thinking of them, visualize all those "talking heads" heard on NPR and other national media outlets who are cast as experts in a given area.  Nearly across the board they are very educated, upper middle class individuals holding little practical experience in their area of expertise.  At least James Cooper drove a livery cab for six months somewhere in rural Scotland. 

Regardless, "she-who-can't-named" is unforgiving, her Brooklyn, New York "in-your-face" attitude coming through.  Given my schedule, later this week I will continue my commentary upon the demand study.  The more I reflect the more flawed it seems to be.  I would enjoy having another conversation with the professors.  It could be productive.

Flat Tire

I don't want to think how many "taxi flat tires I have dealt with over the years in all kinds of weather and conditions.  It is never any fun, and making it worst this just past Saturday my latest flat occurred just as I entered the Aurora Bridge north-bound after the Canlis turn.  Boom! all air was gone, leaving no option but to creep along the entire length of the bridge, impatient drivers all around me.  Finding a safe place on Winslow North to change the tire I reintroduced myself to that rigorous exercise. 

Further complicating the matter is since the shop was closed I was now without a functional spare tire. Sunday afternoon while the tire was being replaced I attempted to suggest a logical solution, keeping an accessable rack of spare tires available at all hours. All I will say is that I will keep lobbying for reasonable resolution.  Early Sunday morning a cabbie got a fare to Canada from Pier 91. If it had been me I would had been forced to drive the entire distance without a spare.  As I keep saying, welcome to taxi!

Insurance Companies Wielding a Big Stick

Today a number of veteran drivers, including some friends, were told that our insurance company had delared them ineligible for coverage.  I believe most of them have had an accident during the past three years.  If you can imagine, Yellow's insurance cost per car is now nearing eleven thousand dollars.  This is the result of having inexperienced drivers in the workforce, causing too many avoidable at-fault accidents. 

I will keep repeating this until it changes.  Nothing good results by the local regulators flooding the market with rookies.  Consequentially the insurance companies understandably tighten their criteria, punishing veteran drivers.  Any cabbie knows we are a moving target.  God! am I sick of local governmental foolishness!  Please everyone, shall we improve the training and insert common sense into the conversation?  Can't you see me shaking my head.


  1. So I am kind of confused on my your insurance is now ineligible. For a taxi service in Seattle you would think that companies would make it a priority that not only there cars but more importantly the employee's are safe and protected as well.

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