Monday, February 20, 2012

Jack Update & It Is Hard To Win With The SPD

Last week I talked to Jack's sister Pam.  She confirmed that Jack's body had been cremated and the family is awaiting the delivery of the urn.  She also said that it could be between 4-6 weeks before the autopsy results are back.  I have the unfortunate feeling that this story, the hospital involvement with Jack's death, could take many months if not years to be resolved and concluded.  I hope I am wrong.  Pam said their initial idea about a funeral or memorial resolves around having some kind of wake at the Mecca Cafe, followed by a ceremony at that large cemetery atop the north side of Queen Anne hill, where Jack's ashes will be spread over his father's grave. Again, all news one way or the other will be posted as I receive it.  There is a donation box located at the Yellow cashier window for those who are interested in contributing.  The address of the lot is 74 South Hudson, which is about a half mile or so north of the First South bridge.

This evening I received a telephone call from SPD, telling me that my internal investigation complaint was not substantiated.  I did not expect it to be.  As the Department of Justice report pointed out, the SPD are prone to exonerating their officers regardless of the situation.  I just heard this horrific story of officer overreaction related by KOMO radio, the local radio news station.  If you are interested to know more I suggest you go to their website.  Clearly there are more serious incidents than the public can keep up with.  That the abuse appears to be institutionalized is confirmed by the Justice report.  The late Barry Fletcher relayed more than once that it was standard procedure to beat up the suspects as they were being arrested.  I know the feeling.  Boy would I enjoy punching some of my passengers in the nose.  I know for sure that many of my passengers would enjoy retalilating in a similar manner.

Tomorrow expect a posting concerning grinding it out as a taxi driver.  You might find it informative.

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