Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jack & Barry Updates & A Werewolf Would Have Enjoyed This Weekend

The funeral for Barry Fletcher is set.  It is scheduled for Thursday February 9th, 2012 at 11:00 PM at Saint Vincent De Paul Parish, 30525 8th Avenue South, Federal Way, WA.  Call the Supt's office, 206-343-4381 for additional info.

This afternoon I talked to Jack Magerstaedt's niece Theresa.  Currently the family is awaiting the autopsy report.  She clarified some of the puzzle by telling me that Jack had been found to have a separated esophagus, caused? by the impact.  It appears that acids destroyed his stomach, leading to the statement that he had no functional digestive system.  This of course brings up the question of what Harborview knew or not about his true condition.  The family has yet to decide about wakes or other such arrangements.  I will post all new info as soon as I receive it.  Theresa is in procession of Jack's cellular telephone and is accepting calls and questions.  The number is 206-769-3855

A regular passenger of Jack's, Margot, sent me a very moving description of her various rides and discussions she had with him.  I will reference them tomorrow in a new posting.  The Mecca Cafe put a message up on their marquee: "This One Is For You Jack--RIP."  Many it appears will miss the grumpy Jack.

Pre-Full Moon Insanity

Yes, the average werewolf would have enjoyed nearly being pulverized not once but twice in my first 24 hours this weekend.  I will spare you the details but running a red light at 50 mph 5-6 seconds after the signal had changed is not reasonable.  I don't know why I hesitated the first time.  I chased down the second offender, a young woman driving a 60s VW Bug.  "I'm so sorry!  I'm so sorry!"  Yeah, all of us are!  Madness!

It was like this all weekend, roller-derby on rubber wheels, fools enjoying the early moonshine.  Yes, I made money.  I did extremely well.  Maybe later I will be in the mood to provide all of the exciting details.  Maybe!

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