Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Clearly I Have Had Enough

I will get to a taxi tale or two in a moment but what is truly concerning me is the "wasting of my time" that is taxi.  I have had enough, enough of unappreciative passengers, enough of inherent and disrespectful attitudes attached to the industry itself, and have had more than enough of people in positions of power not listening to me, even when theoretically they have put me in official positions to hear and consider my advise and experience.  It is the wise fool who realizes that the person he/she is talking to is to him/herself.  I am tired of bouncing off the walls of others' ignorance and inconsideration.  Thick as a Brick is not just a Jethro Tull recording, it is the too average brain.  Not nice to infer as much but truly enough is certainly just that.  "Ya gotta be kiddin'" is my answer to myself.  So all joking aside, I have to put myself in the position to get out of the taxi madhouse.  I will talk about those efforts in the coming weeks and months.  Suffice to say, dumb is stupidity when you know and then continue walking directly into it.  Not the brightest response to unwarranted insult.  What did I do to deserve this abuse?  Nothing.  No, I am pleased to tell you that original sin or soul abnegation does not exist.  I have not sinned.  I do not want this cloistered cell in a private hell, where forever I am fatigued and never completely well!  Yes, speaking of enough, enough of that.  "Goodbye To All That" was Robert Graves' memoir concerning WWI.  What will be my farewell address?  Farewell to ______________?  One day I will fill in the many blanks.

Taxi Weekend

Why is it that new drivers just don't understand not to turn off the MDT/taxi computer?  Perhaps it is poor training because that is what I found on an early Saturday morning.  When you turn the damn thing off it takes five to ten and sometimes even fifteen minutes for the GPS to return, allowing you to book into a zone.  "Dummy Down" is the not so humorous clown! not caring or imagining your agonized frown!  Obviously back again to the "enough is enough" refrain!

Part of my problem of recounting the various rides is simply they blend into  a stream pouring into a personal swamp.  I actually have to make a real effort to remember and sort it all out.  I can say though that declined credit cards are disheartening, and I hate even more submitting them repeatedly in the hope of finally getting paid.  I got a $23.00 decline on Saturday bar break.  Each new submittal is the reviving of unwanted nightmare.  I don't want this dream!

Picking up at the Ballard Smoke Shop (long-time, old-time bar), the Sunday afternoon drunk had a new red octopus tattoo on his stomach and sang a poor recital "Green-eyed lady, lovely lady" as he double-bird saluted me getting out of the cab broadly grinning.  Not a bad guy. Gave me ten for a five dollar fare.  Just another "garden variety taxi idiot!"  Am I being repetitious?  Enough!

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