Friday, December 30, 2011

Oh! Now I Understand!

As I scurry around getting ready for the always crazy New Year and what it brings, I have another thought concerning the L&I situation.  But first a suggestion if any of you cabbies out there are ever tempted  to work the New Year celebrations while suffering from the flu.  I have have one word for you. Don't!!!  I did it once about 8 years ago and it nearly killed me. An experience to avoid!

Finally I understand what we Washington State & Seattle & King County taxi drivers are according to Labor & Industry, not employees but some unusual animals called "covered workers."  If anyone truly knows what  this euphemism  means, please tell me.  I'd rather we be termed "covered wagons" then all of us could from into a protective circle and fend off all those flaming arrows!  Earlier this week I was playing around with the subject, thinking that if someone at L&I was "Australian-centric" they might call us kangaroos because don't we all "hop" around the city and surrounding landscapes?  I know I am being less than subtle but com' on! everyone, are we really "covered workers?"  Does this mean that L&I is our new security blanket? 

As should be clear, I now have a bad attitude.  We are being treated as less-than adult.  If that isn't true, then why do I feel like pouting?   Happy New Year from a latent infant.  And what will 2012 bring?

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  1. keep driving your writing. great to see you twice right here at the end of now-last year. blessings in your journey south, too.