Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Continued Quick Summary

Today after four separate taxi appointments I am ready to just finish up and drive back to Tacoma.  But before I head off I will do some instantaneous reporting and finish the madness commentary.

From the weekend-----

Second fare Sunday she requests to be dropped off at a Capital Hill parking lot but only one major problem, an obstacle in the form of an upper-middle class mid-60s woman who refuses to not block the entrance, having decided that parking her SUV and not moving was completely justified but why she wouldn't say.  No amount of mild verbal abuse moves her.  She won but just what it was I have no idea.

Just after I had told the very nice mother and son that indeed, it has been strange, a homeless man holding a bowl of food casually without looking stepped in front of my accelerating 478 upon entering I-5 from the Cherry Street ramp, the same entrance that last week was completely new to me though having used it ten thousand times.  Luckily a combination of a quick foot and a steady 478 resulted in not catapulting the fool into the air.  Of course he gave me the finger.

Yesterday a Yellow taxi driver got out of his car on a steep part of Nob Hill Ave N. and then watched as his car suddenly bolted forward down the hill, unfortunately slamming against a concrete wall.  I have no details as to the cause.

And I also witnessed two cars in separate incidents driving down the opposite direction on one-way streets but this is getting boring, isn't it?  And three cheers for the official full moon coming up on Saturday, December 10th.  I can't wait for the all the surprises awaiting me!

Taxi News

Limo Bill was approved by the City of Seattle city council financial committee.  It has been forwarded for full council approval.  There were no town-car drivers in sight at the hearing.  A sure sign of surrender and inevitability.  There were two taxi drivers present, myself and Deb D.  Jeff from the Supt's office also gave testimony.

During the taxi commission meeting we learned that "for-hire" vehicles are the City of Seattle's new employment opportunity plan, at least according to one man's opinion.  It is rare that I take a opinion that is considered conservative.  Next thing you know I will be endorsing the Koch brothers but I don't think so.

During a discussion with a mayoral aide I received some positive affirmations concerning regional licensing.  Stay tuned.

Took a peek at the airport taxi feeder lot.  What an amazing slight, all these taxis packed tightly in the cramped parking space.  Shook hands with a number of Indian comrades.  Guys are worried about the L&I impact. 

And lastly, had lunch with someone who might be interested in joining my discreet band of political (non-violent) assassins.  Watch out as we might be coming to your neighborhood soon!   I can't expect all of the politicians to be like Cain and Governor Perry and conveniently self-destruct.  Sometimes they require a little assistance.  It would be fun to give them a little shove toward the cliff and get paid for it.  More on that effort as it occurs.

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