Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More of the Same & More of the Same Eating Away What is Left of My Brain!

Yes, always taxi fun & games, with this week adding a Seahawk Monday Night Football game to the mix.  Beginning to learn what I should already know that another day in the cab does nothing for me whatsoever other than making me more tired than I was to begin with.  I did see the early Saturday morning complete ellipse of the moon.  I was able to see about 45 minutes of the event in between an airport run out of West Seattle.  Now for your reading pleasure? a series of vignettes displaying why it is far better viewing taxi from a safe distance.

---from Monday: Pre-game traffic is hell.  I pick up an Israeli businessman from the 3800 hundred block of 1st Ave. South, his destination being a motel north of downtown.  My  "Mission Impossible" assignment was to get him past the various obstacles which I achieve to the amazing tune of only $17.00.  This passenger was the type who wanted to talk philosophy and questions like "Gods' Existence?" and was praising the taxi driver which all resulted in a $1.00 tip.  An average driver would have got him there for say $25.00 or perhaps more plus the pleasure of inhaling exhaust fumes.  Was he a fool?  Of course not!!

---from Monday: Sitting first on the train station when a driver pulls up and said dispatch had belled him in though everyone knows that it is not a "belled-in" destination. Happily there was a Yellow Supt standing by and rightfully directed the young woman toward my taxi.  She went to Ballard.

---from Monday:  After I drop her off I find myself first taxi in the deep Ballard zone 135.  Nothing is happening so I step into the nice little grocery, the "Green Grocer."  Of course I am booked off when I miss my fare and then I sit and sit.

from Monday: A bit later I get belled into Children's Hospital at the Giraffe entrance for customers going all the way to Deep West Seattle.  Pulling up there they go in another Yellow taxi.  They didn't even wave.  Just another duplicate  bell.  Thanks again, dispatch!

and I immediately get another bell, which I rush to, located on a dead-end street but only one problem, there is my passenger driving off in an Orange taxi.  They didn't wave either.  And I am sure that part of the problem was that dispatch was telling all the callers that they would have to wait until some time into the next century before their Yellow Cab would be arriving.  So of course they call another company!

And frankly at this point Sat & Sunday remain a blank or perhaps I just don't want to remember but Sunday's start is worth relating because I would leave one zone to book into another with all the fares then happening behind me, and I am going crazy until I get a 130 Ballard fare, I scare her white cat and the miniature poodles being walked across the street  find me of barking interest but the nice lady with no luggage heads to the airport and gives me $60.00 including tip & then from the 262 middle of West Seattle I take the native of Mexico City who can't believe I love Mexico City to 144th & Pacific Highway South and he give me $30. and what do you know all very quickly I have my lease.  Hey, why am I always complaining!

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