Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Of Course, My Fellow Drivers, This Blog Is For You

Standing in the cashier line last night with various drivers, some I know well, others only in passing as we fly down the avenues, I hear the stories I always hear about deranged passengers taking off their clothes, exhibiting this or that inappropriate behavior.  It is our world, our reality, people at their best and worse.  I truly don't understand the drivers who refuse passengers accompanied by dogs and cats.  Give me a domestic pet every time over the feral human beings well in need of serious obedience training.  I am sure all of us drivers would love to see an obedience school for recalcitrant passengers, all in the spirit of Barbara Woodhouse, who said there were no bad dogs.  I bring this up on this first day of summer to say that above everything else this taxi blog is for you.  Our forums are rare to non-existent.  Send me comments.  Make requests.  Just don't complain to the air as many are wont to do.  Tell me all about it!

Taxi Commission Update

It seems that my emails to my contact in the mayor's office, Kenny, created some response.  On Friday I and the other commission members received an email from our King County commission facilitator containing valuable information for the uninformed non-taxi commission membership.  My strong complaint was that KC & the City of Seattle created an unfavorable situation by creating an unworkable format.  Though still believing that is true I appreciate some recognition of the problem.  The next commission meeting is scheduled for July 5th.  All I wish for is the minimum, that membership appear on time and in a cooperative state of mind.   I do not want to have to pull the taxi commission over to the roadside and say it is time to get out.  I am always interested in arriving to the destination.  I am only hoping for a clear highway ahead, little else.

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