Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Notice Of King County Fee Changes---County Licensing Fees & A Passenger Scares Me & Delivering A Cake For Hershel Walker

Part 2 of the New King County Notices

I will make this fast, just listing the proposed fee changes instead of providing the complete King County text.  Some of these fee changes have already been implemented.   

King County Licensing Fees

Annual medallion fee reduced from $200.00 to $100.00.  Change of vehicle medallion owner fees(1/2 year) from $200.00 to $100.  

Reducing association and company annual fees to: 

1-16 cars---$65.00       16-25 cars---$125.00        26 or more cars---$250.00

Reduce for-hire driver's annual license fee to $24.00.

City of Seattle Licensing Fees

Reduce annual medallion fee to $300.00.    Late fee to $30.00

Change of vehicle medallion owner, full year fee reduced to $450.00 total

Reduce taxicab association fee from $1000.00 to $100.00 and reduce for-hire license fee from $50.00 to $25.00

Fee Changes WAT Vans (Wheelchair Accessible Services (WAS) Surcharge

Reduce WAS surcharges from $125.00 to $29.00 per years for Duel plated vehicles

Reduce WAS for County Only taxi medallions and for all for-hire vehicles from $85.00 to $17.00 per year

Temporary Suspension of Vehicle Age Limits

Not enforced through June 30th, 2024

Public Rule-Taximeters:

Guidance for test and approving taximeters, including smart meters, and authorizes taxis to vary fares from those established in SMC 6.310.530 and KCC 6.64.760 when using the application dispatch system (ADS) function of a smart taximeter system. 

Public Rule-Application Dispatch Systems

Updated requirements for using an application dispatch system (ADS) and recognition of the ADS function within a smart meter system.

Public Rule-Temporary Changes to Insurance Requirements

Temporary changes to insurance requirements with the goal of increasing cost-effective insurance options for taxicab and flat-rate/for-hire vehicle owners.  

Ask questions and provide feedback at 


Last three Public Rule changes are very important.  Big changes!

She Scared Me

Yes a passenger scared me, not because she was dangerous or a threat but while seemingly normal she was instead very mentally ill, mild yet silently very vocal.  And this made me scared for her, understanding a hard journey lay ahead, and all I could do was drop her off at her hotel.  So very much like taxi as I know it.

Cake for the Democrats

A frequent customer of mine decided, since she was not feeling well, to have me deliver her big, fancy cake to the Democrat Party get-together going on in Ballard.  Having paid me upfront, I approached the packed house, knocking on the door and said "Herschel Walker can't make it tonight, sending this cake instead." closing the door as the room burst into laughter.   Who says we cabbies don't have a sense of humor!?   As you might now know, Walker also failed to make it to the Senate, two strikes against the running back.   Now he can move back to Texas.  

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