Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Local Lyft Driver Gets 27 Days Of Sick Leave Times $300.00. What Do Seattle Cabbies Get? A Kick In The Buttock!

 Do the Math: That's $8,100 Dollars!

Due to the Seattle City Council's generous negotiated benefits for Seattle Lyft and Uber drivers, a former cabbie I know had accrued 27 sick leave days, and taking them all at once, received a very nice paid vacation.   All I can say is good for him, getting the kind of benefits one might expect from normal employment.  We of course who drive and own taxis in Seattle and King County do not enjoy such perks, instead receiving as I am wont to say, a firm kick in the buttock.  With high dispatch fees and annual insurance averaging $5000.00 dollars, we pay all this money for what reason, I ask, for what good reason?  And on top of that is the 3% service processing fee Puget Sound Dispatch (Seattle Yellow Cab) takes from each credit card transaction, with 5% processing accounts.   

Calling it a "Fool's Paradise" is being kind.  Instead it is "Hades Beneath the Toplight" and there is no escaping that hellish reality.  While the new upcoming City of Seattle/King County policy changes that appear to be coming in early 2023  might help a bit, they will not alleviate the cost and benefit disparities between taxi and TNC (Uber & Lyft).  Clearly we are Yellow dinosaurs heading for extinction, and any and all roaring at the sky will not prevent our demise, the TNC asteroid striking the taxi planet, destroying all known life. 

On Sunday night a friend tried to get a Yellow Cab, and after twice being told that his cab was on its way, having waited 30 minutes in the cold and rain, requested an Uber instead.  His driver arrived within five minutes.  All I have just described is today's taxi reality in Seattle, Washington, United States of America.  It is not funny.  I am not laughing.  I am totally stupid remaining in such a dysfunctional work environment.  I will not stay here.  I will be leaving.

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