Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Was Donald Trump A Crazed Passenger?

Did Mr. Trump Emulate Some of my Worst Customers?

It possibly could be true, given today's testimony at the Jan 6th Congressional hearings that Trump, enraged he was being driven back to the White House on Jan 6th, and not the Capitol Building, grabbed for the driver's steering wheel while lunging at this own secret service agent.  Having not once but twice experienced similar behavior in the cab, both time involving "drunk as a skunk" passengers, I find it interesting that a "sitting American president" would resort to some of the more egregious and out-of-control behavior imaginable.  

The first time a passenger grabbed my steering wheel, he nearly put us in a head on collision on the old First South Bridge.  The second incident involved this huge "walking refrigerator" of a drunk who leaned over, gripping the wheel.  I then told him how embarrassing it would be for him to be beat up by someone as small as me (I'm almost 5' 9").  

I would enjoy hearing from NYC cabbies who over the years have provided rides to the then New York City native future president.  I would probably be amazed one way or the other.   Is Trump a good tipper unlike the even richer Bill Gates?   While Trump is crass, insensitive, rude and insolent, he isn't smug which means be might tip 25 %.  One could hope.  Deep down, Trump wants everyone to like him.  As for Mister Gates, he couldn't give a damn, Trump only interested in ruling America, while Gates wants the entire world to be his kingdom, not just Medina, Washington.  Think big, not small.  

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  1. I had two presidential candidates in my Seattle Yellow Cab many years ago: Steve Forbes with 3 family members, from the waterfront the Olympic Hotel; a $4.80 fare. Mr. Forbes gave me $6. Joe Lieberman and wife from the U. Village Silver Cloud to the Pike Place Market. Approx. $21 fare (the bridge was up), he rounded it up to $25. I gave them my phone number for the possible return trip, but I was busy when he called from 1st and Stewart (I saved the voicemail...also took a photo of them in the back seat).