Thursday, June 9, 2022

Directing Criticism Correctly & Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) 6.310.710: Open Hunting Season Upon Seattle's Cab Drivers---No License Required & Bogus Benjamin Franklins

Chastening the Bitter Tongue

Easy to carp, easy to shake the finger at concerning almost anything but when issuing a blanket criticism as I did last week, I should be cognizant that some might not appreciate my lashing tongue, all the while doing the best they can under difficult circumstances.  I say this in recognition regarding my friends and colleagues running the day to day operations at Puget Sound Dispatch and their good work maintained while burdened by budgetary constraints placed by PSD ownership.  That they remain at PSD is both a mystery and blessing.  I thank them for keeping the taxi ship afloat.  

Does SMC 6.310-710 Make Any Sense?: Allegations Made Minus Consequence 

Did you know that anyone, anywhere in the world, be you in France or India, can call the City/County Taxi Complaint line and anonymously say anything you want about any Seattle and King County cabbie, and despite its veracity one way or the other, make life miserable for the driver minus consequence and accountability?   Yes, it's true, the City/County not requiring you to leave your name and contact information.  You can smear the driver, say he raped or tried to kill you and, without any ability to respond to your accuser, you are forced to defend yourself.  

What we are seeing here is a poorly conceived code that puts the entire onus upon the cabbie, essentially saying you are guilty until proving yourself innocent.  While driver accountability is necessary and good, there must be written into the code a better verification process recognizing that all allegations must first be vetted before notifying the driver.  

An important part of this process would be to tell anyone filing a complaint that they too could be held legally liable, and subject to defamation and libel suits.  If upon signing a formal written complaint, then, and then only, should the complaint be issued.  Otherwise, anyone can call and say I poured catsup and mustard over their head, saying I thought they were an Oscar Meyer wiener.   Yes, no matter how absurd the allegation, the City/County says it's okay, slander away.   Why not, they say, why not?

Bad 100 Dollar Bills

During the past month, I have come across two counterfeit one hundred dollar bills.  When paid with a big bill, hold it up to a light and look for the image of good, old Ben to the right of the seal.  If not there, it ain't good.

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