Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Is Any President This Important?---Traffic And Sea-Tac Chaos Amidst Biden's NW Visit & Mister Hubbly Bubbly's Shrewd Observations & Update On Stacy Anderson: RIP---06/03/1955-04/23/2022

 Why Didn't Joe Biden Just Grab a Cab?

President Biden flew to Seattle last Thursday to celebrate Earth Day, and the resulting traffic chaos Thursday, and flight disruptions Friday, were truly memorable but very questionable, asking if any of it really necessary---heavy-handed security precautions seriously disrupting the life of thousands who simply wanted to get home by car and airplane.  Air Force One landed at Sea-Tac, which is about 13 miles south of downtown Seattle, an appearance rousing local police, it seems, to do everything feasibly possible to protect Biden.  But what were the current threats to Biden's life justifying an hours' long closure of southbound I-5 from the University District southward, essentially cutting the city in half, all southbound arterials clogged, stranded at the Ship Canal proceeding forward, or not, the canal transformed into a kind of protective moat minus a Medieval castle.  If there was good reason for this, the public should be told, assuaging our irritated, agitated brow. 

But Friday's flight disruptions should be categorized as far worse, the mere location of Air Force One on Sea-Tac's tarmac causing countless flight delays and cancellations.  I know this as I was one of many cabs belled into the Sea-Tac Doubletree Inn to take aggrieved dumped airline passengers to the Bellevue Hilton, the Doubletree sending customers to any area hotel rooms made available.  

While this madness was a boon for the hotels, why stop all incoming flights due to one parked US Presidential airplane?   Seems nonsensical to me but what do I know, perhaps Putin's evil agents were out and about looking to harm Biden, avenging his support for the Ukraine.  While all of America wants their President to remain safe, does life have to be turned upside down, causing unnecessary resentment and voter anguish?   If this kind of nonsense is repeated every time Biden and other presidents leave Washington D.C., then please, I request they instead stay home and conduct their business safely from there.   

Does anyone need yet another traffic jam or flight delay?  I don't think so, and I bet Biden, if asked, would completely agree with that commonsense sentiment, clearing the infrastructure from what is the presidential mind, or is it, theoretical brain.  

Another Awake Cabbie

A Yellow cabbie, calling himself Hubbly Bubbly, has posted wise comments displaying an awareness that I wish was shared by more of our taxi brethren, making valid points about how the City and County are not releasing returned or moribund medallions to the taxi public, thus alleviating our shortage of working cabs.  He also noted how the Cebu dispatch callcenter neglects non-served bells, leaving them sitting on the BID/Prospect screen for hours.  He also pointed out the many cabbies sitting at Sea-Tac waiting for their imaginary Golden Goose to lay a one-hundred dollar egg, while dumbbell Uber and Lyft customers walk by them, paying more for less.  Good work, Mister Hubbly Bubbly, keep thinking, keep grousing, keep writing.  

Update: Stacy Anderson Succumbed to Cancer Saturday Afternoon April 23, 2022 

Stacy died mid-afternoon in his sleep.  At the point of his physical departure, Stacy was experiencing severe pain due to a cancer metastasized throughout his body, penetrating his back and spinal cord.  A memorial will be announced soon.  Donations are needed to cover funeral and other expenses.


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