Sunday, April 10, 2022

Greetings From Arcata And Other Points West And East: Uber, Lyft, DoorDash Cry Babies Lament Gas Prices & HB 2076 Signed & Would You Pay? & No Farwest Merger & MV Dispute Resolved? & Rockin' To Deep Purple & Rick Has Retired

 Sitting in "She-Who-Can't-Be-Named's-Kitchen

After a bit of a hiatus, I am back at the blog typewriter, in Arcata in my final few days of yet another escape from taxi, this time exploring the NE corner of California and also the Northwest corner of Nevada that comprises 900 square miles of what is Shelton National Pronghorn Antelope Wildlife Refuge.  

Just east of Cedarville, CA, there sits in the middle of a high desert valley, Surprise Valley Hot Springs, where we soaked for two days in the some of the strongest mineral water I have experienced.  From there we drove east upon gravel roads into desert desolation, incredibly austere and beautiful high country, 7000 feel elevation, lots of early Spring rain green-tinted sagebrush but alas, no pronghorn our two days there.  

Our one night at Virgin Valley Warm Springs, a place I have twice visited perviously, was marred by too many RV campers, an invasion this fragile area doesn't take to, the desert best enjoyed in relative isolation serenaded by singing meadowlark and coyote.  

Driving back to Arcata, we found a wonderful spot high up in the Modoc National Forest, a mountain stream winding through a snowfield, spring watercress brightening the flow.  And the north fork of the Trinity River also welcomed us as we sat in a patch of purple blossoms, enjoying the sunshine and water.  And is it any wonder why I leave taxi as much as I do?  There should be no question why.

Whining Ubers 

With the onset of higher gasoline, national and local media has focused upon the sad lament of TNC operators crying "Foul!" as if they are insulated, or should be, by cultural economic fluctuations affecting all of us, not only here but in Africa and elsewhere, these crybabies once again demanding their buttocks be powdered.  Why these Uber, Lyft, etc drivers feel they deserve special treatment is something I will never understand, or perhaps I do, these guys and gals incapable of comprehending what service world they have inserted themselves into.  They act like they don't know where they are, and that I do believe is their daily reality.  Bring out the diapers!

HB 2076 Now the Law of the Washington State Land

And speaking of coddling, the good WA ST governor waited until the last day of March to gift the ride-share operators a wonderful present that wasn't any First  of April fooling, handing the wailing Uber and Lyft masses protections they certainly neither warrant nor deserve.  Teamsters 117, screw you, is all I can say, as you screwed all those trusting cabbies who sought your protection.  Not NICE Teamsters 117, covering all us cabbies, with LICE!  

Tree Trunk Thighs 

There she was in the backseat, big and fat and no underpants beneath her miniskirt, her vagina open and ready for her next "John."  Who would pay for the displeasure?  May God Help Us ALL! is my sole comment.

Merger is Dead

As far as I know, the once close-to-be merger between Farwest Taxi and Seattle Yellow is dead-in-the-water.  Why?  Someone new bought Farwest dispatch and nixed the deal.  If someone knows differently, do tell.

What is Happening with MV/Metro Access Account?

I thought Puget Sound Dispatch had given MV notice of departure but into early April they were still screaming for drivers to serve the MV fares.  Was the disagreement repaired?  Thanks for not telling us. 

Early Deep Purple

A comment from a reader mentioned he was listening to the rock band Deep Purple, which brought up memories of the only Deep Purple album I have owned, the 1968 issued "Book of Taliesyn."  It has some great covers, "River Deep, Mountain High" and "Kentucky Woman."  Great stuff and now I will get the CD version, pretending to be age 15 all over again.  A few months later I was hitchhiking in BC and dropping LSD.  Hurray for 1969!

Rick Nelson Retired After 40 Taxi Years

A reader noted that my taxi buddy Rick Nelson was no longer seen at King Street Station and it's true, Rick, the former owner of Red Top Taxi, is now officially retired from the taxi world, and why he held on so long remains a mystery to me.  After merging with BYG, the money rolled in.  Regardless, Rick finally had enough of these taxi "fun & games" which, as we all know too well, ain't always that much fun. 

Sad Note: Stacy Anderson in Hospice Care

Cancer has taken over and Stacy's time is nearing an end.  As many know, Stacy Anderson was a longtime Yellow dispatcher along with cab owner and driver here in Seattle and Portland, Oregon.  I will be setting up a Go Fund Me account for him soon.  Please donate as much as you can, even $5.00 helpful.

Haiku: Up Near Lilly Lake, Modoc National Forest

A mountain meadow---

tree frogs crazy loud, annoyed:

please go away, now!

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