Friday, October 16, 2020

Reality Of Taxi As I Know It---A Real Text Quote Sent Monday Morning: "Weirdo bitch go sleep the f___k, Get ur musty ass out the cab"

Ah yes, such sweet tidings, and why such utterances texted my way?   And how did they have my telephone number?  It all began early Monday morning sitting at the King Street Station composing last week's blog posting.  Having just finished, I accepted a call to the 175 (the Denny Regrade), belled to the Loyal Inn.  Calling the telephone number, Valerie said she was coming.  Arriving at the hotel, no Valerie, prompting another call. "Oh I'm coming," she says. Waiting for a few more futile minutes, I request my no-show, and instantly given another 175 call, once again the tardy Valerie.  I call, asking why call dispatch again when I am sitting in front of the hotel?  "Oh no, I hadn't called again."  Calling dispatch, they responded she had placed another request. Why is she lying?

Suddenly I sense a presence outside my cab and there she is, standing near the left passenger door, trailed by someone clearly her pimp, Valerie a hooker lurking in the early morning gloaming.  Surprised, I tell her I was waiting for someone coming from the hotel, prompting an "I was using their address," telling me it was time to leave, and I did, knowing full well what was coming: an extremely stressful ride taking two sullen, angry half out-of-their-mind street denizens to where I probably had no interest in going at 3 o'clock in the morning.  I turned off my computer and went home, fully having had enough of "enough already!'

After awakening I found her massage, confirming who they were which was easy to know, not wanting to know but certainly I knew, the two of them one of too many lost souls wandering the streets requesting your participation into a nightmare of their personal making---composed of vipers, demons and vengeful ghosts. In a different moment I would have usually put up with it, taken the abuse and attempted to wish them well, delivering them to their desired destination but sometimes I simply can't do it, all too painful, too crazy to bear, knowing instead sleep the better companion in the bitter not sweet morning.

And this is the world I am either blessed or cursed to know, America's underbelly inhabiting the streets, totally self-absorbed, not caring about you, me or even themselves, new zombies biting, gnashing the air, prepared to assault, bludgeon or kill anyone blocking their path to where they are going, oblivion their home and destiny, melodrama their persistent theme.  Ain't it grand?

City/County Medallion Renewal Schedule

You can renew your taxi medallion from October 12th to December 31st, with a grace period of two weeks ending January 15th, 2021.

Fees have been reduced.  $300.00 for city-only, $500.00 for dual licensed cabs.   WA State fee reduced to $145.00 for single and dual-plated cabs. or call 206-386-1268 to schedule a meter test appointment.

Go to Guru Auto Repair for your safety inspection.  

COVID-19 News

The total number of USA coronavirus cases is now over 8 million, that is, as of 5:28 PM Friday, 10/16/2020, totaling 8,282,809 confirmed infections. The nationwide death toll has now reached 223,581. Recent daily count this week is at 53,000 newly confirmed cases.

Today, the regional trauma center, Harborview Hospital, announced it had its own recent virus outbreak infecting 10 staff and 4 patients, with one of the patients dying.

Worldwide, there have been 39.1 million cases and 1.1 million deaths.  

Last night, Trump said, during his NBC solo town hall meeting, that he has been doing a good job controlling the virus.  His own son, 14 year old Barron, now has COVID-19, Trump dismissing his son's illness, showing no concern.

43% of all COVID-19 deaths were either African-American or Hispanic.

Political Humor (told to me by a passenger)

What is a Trump-kin?

Orange all over, hollow inside, and tossed out in November

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