Friday, December 27, 2019

Are We Happy Now?---A Year-End Seattle Taxi Report & Former Uber CEO Resigns From Uber Board & Be Sure You Use Your Turn Signals In Washington State

Ah yes, another year's conclusion of taxi fun and games, and am I now insane?  The answer is probably yes, but life goes on, and so do the endless taxi miles taking me where I don't, and you don't, want to go.  But go I do, and all my fellow crazed cabbies, so do you as the decade ends, leaving us where, where can we be?

I suppose we can call the 21st Centuries second decade the Uber Decade and be quite correct, we never in the taxi industry having before faced such rapacious, unscrupulous competitors, all made possible of course by foolish, dimwitted municipal administrators and regulators not understanding they were bargaining with the Devil Incarnate itself impersonating as Upper-Middle-Class Gentility. Yes, we can all laugh at their stupidity but the truth is, it happened in large part due to their hatred of us, we the so-called "evil taxi empire."

Why their hatred?  Call it discrimination personified, viewing us as less than them---taxi untouchables (dalits) not worthy of respect or consideration, all of us thieves, rapists, murderers.  Ain't it funny that Uber's 2018 American reports displays clearly just who the criminals are?

Yes, while the tables have been slightly turned in our favor, we remain at a great disadvantage, Uber's tsunami still engulfing the taxi industry, sweeping away our business in their tidal wake.  No fun at all.

Are we happy as the third decade approaches?  No, I don't think so but we are still breathing, aren't we?

Or is the grave beckoning?

The Jump is Nearly Complete

As I mentioned last week, the former Uber CEO, having nearly completed the selling off of all his Uber stock, has now resigned from the Uber governing board, meaning he will no longer be connected in any form whatsoever with Uber.  Funny?  Of course it is, as he laughs all the way to the bank with his three-billion in ill-gotten gains. What else can I say?  Nothing is the answer.

When Driving in Washington State, Use your Turn Signals, or Else!

This week the Washington State Supreme Court has ruled that under all conditions, drivers must use their turn signals or they will be held accountable by the long arm of the law. What this means, that even though you are in a turn-only lane, you must signal or you can be ticketed.

Ain't that nice, legal sugar and spice

or is it lice

provided by the judicial mice?

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