Friday, December 13, 2019

After Uber Is Again Banned In London, Uber CEO Khosrowshahi Says London's Decision Is "Just Wrong!"

In late November, the City of London once again stripped Uber of its license to operate, having taken a similar action back in 2007.  While Uber continues to operate in London while appealing the decision, how can Uber truly protest after it was found that many customers, while trustfully using their app, were provided at least 14,000 unauthorized rides by unregistered drivers, drivers minus unverified driver licenses and not carrying any kind of insurance coverage.  What this translates into is, that in the case of at least a minimum of 14,000 rides, Uber did not know who was driving their customers, and worse, provided those rides with no protective insurance whatsoever.  Most often, it appears, this all occurring with the complicity and cooperation of fully registered Uber drivers  actively assisting in defrauding the Uber app, allowing friends and family and complete strangers to drive their cars or use their identities, most often for personal profit.  I see a number of important questions springing from this kind of behavior.

1) Given this is criminal behavior, what kind of screening process, if any, did Uber utilize when signing up these people to drive for them?

2)  Did the City of London, like the City of Seattle, relinquish all screening and regulatory control to Uber, thus allowing Uber to sidestep normal regulatory process and procedures?

3)  Will the City of London hold Uber drivers transferring their app to someone else legally responsible?

4) If the City of London does re-certify Uber, do they intend to retain oversight just as they now oversee all London Black-car taxicab licensing and behavior?

5) Will the City of London require Uber to pay damages to the thousands of customers who unknowingly rode and paid for fraudulent service?

Why it might seem odd for someone in the USA to pose these questions for City of London/ Police Department authorities, I do this solely to encourage everyone to put Uber's behavior in the proper perspective---that it is outrageous for something on this scale to occur without far reaching consequences for Uber, and not only in the United Kingdom but everywhere it operates.  When will Uber's egregious behavior end, with how many more unauthorized rides, rapes and murders to their unworthy credit?

Why I know it's difficult to stop or modify government behavior, why does the same need apply to corporations like Uber, where accountability at best isn't worth the paper its written on, and company CEOs can act like they are the wronged party?  I believe it is time, past time, to make Uber an example and permanently shut them down in London and across the globe, sending the firm message that their kind of arrogance is not acceptable. Other, far more responsible companies will come in to fill the gap, and perhaps taxi will once again be recognized for the honorable industry it is, hearkening a new era for a falsely maligned cab industry.

Yes, one might call this an idle hope but justice does sometimes occur.  I suggest contacting who you may and telling them Uber must be held accountable.  It will only take a few minutes. And I am sure your God of whatever definition you have concerning metaphysical influence, will bless you for it, an unexpected bonus to your busy day, God too an interested party to madness sanctioned as sanity.

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