Sunday, March 3, 2019

Be Wary Of Applications: DOL Mystery Solved & Disingenuous Sea-Tac

This is when a simple mistake, if it can even be called that, is transformed into a bureaucratic crisis minus necessity and commonsense, as I am still trying to understand the consequences of a clerical error.  Statutorily, what are the legal ramifications of documents stating DBA Yellow Cab 1092 versus DBA Seattle Yellow Cab 1092?  What in the world could possibly occur to make this slight deviation important, trying to think of circumstances requiring this kind of question and examination.?

"Mr. Blondo," some official or lawyer might demand,"Just why did you state you were operating as a Seattle Yellow Cab on page 2, when on page 1 of said document you stated you were operating solely as a Yellow Cab?"  "Tell me why.....?  they might sternly shout, "Why did you do this?" finding myself subjected to a  interrogation worthy of Kafka,  Orwell's "1984" or  Koestler's "Darkness at Noon," which for those unfamiliar, is perhaps the best fictional depiction of Stalinist Soviet Union, Koestler's novel a modern horror story.

After a visit to the Seattle office of the Washington Department of Revenue, the very nice woman assisting me unravelled the mystery, unveiling as to why one particular Department of Licensing auditor sent me a threatening letter stating my taxi business would be shut down by the State of Washington.  The answer, as it turned out, was simple.

When I filled out my initial DOL business license application, neither me or the individual assisting noticed what is considered by some an important discrepancy, listing me on page one of the application as "doing business as Yellow Cab 1092", and when left to my own devises, stating myself as "doing business as Seattle Yellow Cab."  Yes, this was the big issue, and if the person helping had noticed the difference, my entry would've been changed to match the entry upon page one.

As I have been saying, until Friday afternoon, I truly had no idea of why I was being accused of this  horrendous misdeed.  In truth I was for the most part mystified by all the bureaucratic excitement over, what it turns out to be,  a simple (and innocent) clerical lapse.

But again, while at one turn potentially crucified by the State, that same State came to my rescue, both recognizing the problem and creating resolution by helping me officially replace "Seattle Yellow Cab" with just plain, old "Yellow Cab."

Crazy?  Yes, of course but certainly a lesson to the unwary.  Be very careful when both filling out government documents and subsequently putting your signature on said document.  God! who knows what could happen, with perhaps the State of Washington breaking down your door in the dark of night, rushing over to your bedside screaming

"Why? Why? Why did you misstate your name on our official form?  Why?  We want to know right now, or forever remain awake for all eternity!"

Yes, so please be careful because they could someday be idling outside your house waiting for the correct moment to



Port of Seattle Fails to Take Responsibility

While not attending the latest Sea-Tac/Port of Seattle "taxi issue" meeting occurring this past Thursday, February 28th, 2019, I have from good sources told it was a rare friendly conference, many voices sharing congenial debate.  Forwarded the Port pdf file, and after perusing its various sections, I have one very strong comment: Doesn't everyone concerned understand you have just been stabbed in your taxi back?

And why do I say this?  Reading through all of the Port statements, you never see what is most important for all cabbies working, or interested in working, at the airport, that being the acknowledgement the Port of Seattle was wrong in allowing unfettered Uber/Lyft access; and in a grand concession, will now cap Uber/Lyft numbers henceforward, along with an apology for adversely impacting area taxi operators.

 Nothing short of this from the Port of Seattle should be acceptable.  Holding hands and singing "Kumbaya" with the very entity responsible for your demise is both unsettling and grotesque.  The real answer is to limit/cap ride-share numbers to a number equal to the overall Seattle and King County taxi fleet, which is currently at about 1, 200 cars.

For those not paying much attention, you should know that the Port of Seattle, the City of Seattle and King County intentionally, minus hesitation, put our local industry in direct competition with companies capable of bleeding billions of dollars yet staying in operation.  To this date, Uber has lost approximately $40 billion since its inception, with Lyft just announcing a $1 billion dollars loss.

What was government thinking when they embraced these companies minus any protection for the long standing taxi industry?  Were they concerned about what would happen to me and you and all of us long serving cabbies?

The answer is no, not caring a "rats ass" of how we would be impacted, making it clear the Port's latest outreach is an insincere ploy designed to smother further resistance and complaint.  How can my fellow cabbies be so foolish not to notice the executioner's bloody hand?  Because simply, they don't understand what is being said to them.

But because I do, I refuse their burnt offerings, remembering history, remembering how prior to WW II, Germany said it was just solidifying its borders, even signing Peace Pacts with potential adversaries.  In 2015, I visited three Holocaust sites.  I saw for myself how honest the Germans were in 1939.

Of course many at the Port, at the City of Seattle and at King County will think I am crazy making such a comparison, and I say, "yeah, if I am this deranged, prove it by capping Uber and Lyft at the Port, in Seattle and in King County, minus all hesitation and excuse."

But in reality, I am perfectly sane, at least as sane as any cabbie gets.  I know when people are speaking the truth.  And so do they!

As Micheal Cohen, in his remarkable testimony made clear, both lies and liars are commonplace in government speech and actions.  As Cohen might say, it takes a liar to know a liar.  Will all those "nice" Port of Seattle" officials begin looking at themselves in the mirror?

Ha Ha Ha is my answer.  I know what they will do.  And in the meanwhile nothing changes, nothing changing whatsoever, the taxi boat remaining adrift upon governmental seas, nearing ever closer menacing reefs.

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