Saturday, February 23, 2019

Rumblings At Sea-Tac & WA ST DOL Excess & Sotted Addressing

The legacy of Seattle Yellow's Sea-Tac failure continues to resonate, with the Port of Seattle struggling post-Yellow to understand how to best integrate taxi services in the Uber/Lyft era.  To that end, a meeting scheduled for last Thursday, and now rescheduled for this upcoming Thursday, February 28th, 2019, will be discussing the viability of opening Sea-Tac to all qualified King County taxis.  Upon first examination, it seems like a more democratic approach to a constant complaint but further consideration brings up a obvious canard: Uber's Sea-Tac continued dominance means a much smaller taxi market, so by adding more vehicle volume you only diminish, not increase driver income.

In an email to Port of Seattle Commissioner Gregoire, I pointed out that the only way it can work is to reduce Uber/Lyft access at the airport.  Otherwise, adding more cabs making little sense, exacerbating an already injurious business climate into a kind of bureaucratic criminality, robbing from the poor to pay the rich.  I can only hope the Port Commission reverses itself, embracing fairness over avarice.  

As to eliminating all association control over Sea-Tac rider services, I wholeheartedly endorse that option, leaving oversight to the Port, a much better approach than personal enrichment epitomized by first Yellow, and now Eastside for Hire.  Remove unnecessary management and let the cabbies strive.  Though if, as during the bad, old days of Seattle's taxi deregulation experiment, wide-spread abuse happens, a reconsideration should occur.  But, as the saying goes, you never know, and maybe, just maybe, the local taxi community has grown wiser.  I know you laugh, but don't miracles occur daily?  Ask Pope Francis.  He'll tell you it's true!

The Auditor's Complaint

I was truly mystified until understanding what she deemed as my paper error:  the word Seattle omitted from "DBA Yellow Cab 1092, " saying it must be "DBA Seattle Yellow Cab."  Curious, I had a colleague show me his car's registration.  And wouldn't you know it, it said "DBA Yellow Cab _ _ _," making no mention of Seattle.   Given that we shared the same insurance agent, it is quite possible that Key has for years improperly entered the wrong words.  What is true or false I don't know but it does seem to be a trivial requirement, given it is clear where a given cab is licensed to work, be it Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, etc.  

I have been advised to ignore all threats because they are both empty and unenforceable, but still, I don't like being yelled at when I have done nothing intentionally to violate any City, County and State statues.  Monday I will make a further attempt to clarify what needs to be done because simply, government makes me paranoid.  

As a mere youth of 18, government told me they owned my body and could force me to kill people against my will.  With that as my leading example, I don't trust government, knowing it capable of literally anything.  Did you know, that if Trump's State of Emergency is sanctioned by the courts, he can freeze your bank account?  And you wonder why I am wary?!

No Coherency Whatsoever 

Very early Saturday morning, a DT Hotel bar gave me their problem, escorting the passenger, an extremely drunk South Korean man, to my cab.  Escorts always means I should be expecting trouble, and I got it, with the gentleman not knowing his complete address.  Speaking to his wife over the telephone didn't completely help either as she didn't know which city she resided in.  Finally, after much pouring over maps, and applying my 30 plus years of taxi madness, I figured out "that you are going to Bothell!"  And I mean Bothell in the middle of suburban nowhere.

Plotting out the route, I took him to the address on his driving license but unfortunately, it wasn't his real and actual address though thankfully, near by, his real abode existed. Thank God! his wife answered my knock and paid me.  All he could do is slur "Complaint, I want to make a complaint."  Nothing like appreciation for saving his butt! but hey, dealing with drunks like him ain't nothing new.

I swear I have never been more challenged locating an address.  It was sheer hell and the $78.00 I got barely worth the effort.  Do you know how many variations of 178th SE exist in the greater King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties?  I do, and can I please forget? 

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